Immigration to Canada From Kuwait – The Process – Regulations – Laws and Visa Requirements


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Very few Western countries are actively looking for immigrants and encouraging the movement of people with its possibilities. If you’re a Kuwaiti citizen and you’re interested in a move to Canada, you’ll have to deal with a couple of important requirements.

The following guide contains all of the essential information that you need to know when applying for a visa and fulfilling all of the other immigration requirements. It will help you speed up the process and provide details about entities you can contact to get additional assistance.

Canada Immigration Process for Kuwaiti Citizens


Kuwaiti citizens can apply to go to Canada in several ways. There’s a short-term visit possibility, a chance to visit Canada and study in the country, work, immigration and family sponsorship programmes.

As already mentioned, Canada is known because it relies on immigrants and workers from other countries to fuel its economy. Thus, everybody is given fair treatment and there’s a fair chance of getting approved for either a short-term visit or long-term stay.

The Canadian government has designed a points system that is used to determine whether applicants will be allowed to enter the country under the Skilled Worker Act. Through this system, people who have a certain level of education or certain skills may be free to travel to Canada, regardless of the profession that they currently practice in Kuwait.

All applicants have to obtain at least 67 points out of 100 for the application to be approved. Points are handed out on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Education: it can provide a maximum of 25 points. People that have PhD, master’s degrees or at least 17 years of being a full-time student will be given the maximum number of points. The minimum is five points and it is awarded to individuals that have completed their high school education.
  • Language proficiency: the maximum number of points is 24. Most points are handed to the individuals that have excellent English or French proficiency and that can prove their knowledge via the provision of a language certificate. Written and oral tests are scheduled to test the language proficiency of candidates, as well.
  • Age: this criterion produces a maximum of 10 points. The maximum is awarded to individuals aged 21 to 49.
  • Experience: the maximum for this factor is 21 points. Experience refers to having at least four years of experience in an approved occupation. Applicants that have a fewer number of years will lose two points from their experience for each single missing year. One year of experience grants the minimum possible of 15 points.
  • Arranged employment: people that have already arranged to start working prior to entering Canada can earn up to 10 points. The Canadian Skills Development and Human Resources department should confirm the legitimacy of the position.
  • Adaptability: while this may seem like a vague criterion, it is not. Up to 10 additional points will be awarded in the case of family in Canada or a spouse that has relevant education or previous work experience.

Types of Visas and Visa Requirements

There are several visa options for Kuwaiti citizens who want to immigrate to Canada. Needless to say, the requirements for each one are specific and may differ from the ones already mentioned as a part of the Skilled Workers Act.

Tourist Visa

To come to Canada as a tourist, you’ll need to apply for a visitor visa. It’s possible to apply both online and in person (the second option is required whenever biometric data will have to be submitted).

Kuwaiti citizens are eligible to apply for a tourist visa. It will grant them a right to stay in the country for a period that doesn’t exceed six months. People who come to Canada on a tourist visa cannot work in the country.

When it comes to tourist visas, there are two main varieties to choose among – single and multiple entry visas. A single entry visa, as its name indicates, enables you to enter Canada a single time. If you leave Canada (excluding travel to the US), you’ll not be eligible to enter the country again within the six-month period. The multiple-entry visa allows you to exit and enter Canada again several times.

Parent/Grandparent Visa

This type of visa is known as a super-visa because it enables eligible parents and grandparents to stay with family in Canada for a period of up to two years. This is a multi-entry visa, meaning that for the period of its validity, the person is free to enter Canada and leave the country numerous times.

All of the individuals applying for the visa will need to pass an interview with a visa officer at an embassy in Kuwait and complete a medical exam prior to entering Canada.

Business Visa

Apart from requiring a visa, individuals who plan to find employment in Canada will also need a work permit most of the time. Here’s a form that you can use to determine whether a work permit will be a needed part of your application. Your area of specialisation is the determining factor.

Keep in mind that entering Canada as a businessman and as a worker are two separate entities.

Businesspeople enter the country to do business under an agreement like the North America Free Trade Agreement, the General Agreement on Trade and Services and other free trade agreements. Business visitors are free from having to obtain a work permit.

Business people and entrepreneurs can complete the application process online.

Work permits are available for both temporary and permanent workers. More information about the requirements and the application procedure can be found on the Government of Canada website.

Immigration Programmes

The final option that you can try to enter Canada legally is an immigration programme. You can test your eligibility here. By filling out the program, you will get more information about the federal economic immigration programmes that you’re eligible to.

Individuals from Kuwait who have no relatives in Canada and who want to move permanently to the country in order to find work there are typically eligible to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

Once again, the Government of Canada website features quizzes and brief questionnaires that will help you determine your eligibility and figure out what documents will be required to complete the immigration application process.

Keep in mind that as a part of the application process, you may be required to complete a language proficiency test, you’ll have to provide proof of education and you will have to familiarize yourself with Canada’s National Occupational Classification System. More information about the process in its entirety is available here.

Quebec Immigration Overview

Quebec has the authority to select skilled workers that will settle in the province. A set of specific criteria will once again be used to determine the eligibility of applicants.

All Kuwaiti citizens who complete the process successfully will receive a Certificat de selection du Québec that is issued by the government of Quebec. Keep in mind that Quebec is a predominantly French-speaking province, which will have to be factored in your immigration decision.

The Official Site of the Government of Quebec dedicated to immigration provides a lot of useful information about the application possibilities, the selection process and the things you can do to increase your chances of success.

The first step of the process is completing the Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration online. PEI is a tool that gives you some idea about your chances. Entrepreneurs and people who are coming to Quebec in order to start a business are free from having to complete the PEI. The same applies to individuals who are interested in long-term stay through an investor programme.

PEI will ask questions about your background, age, education and professional experience. In essence, it is like the point system and it assesses eligibility on the basis of the positive contribution that you’re going to have on the Quebec economy.

Once you have completed the PEI, you can fill out the official immigration application online. The application can be submitted online and once you fulfill this step, you can also submit an application for permanent residence. The second application will have to be submitted to the Government of Canada.

Living and Working in Canada


There are a few essentials that you’ll have to get used to when moving to Canada. There are significant political, economic and cultural differences. While Canada’s government does its best to welcome immigrants and skilled workers, you will need some time to get used to your new surroundings.

Canada has a largely decentralised structure and each province runs many independent activities and regulations. These are usually coordinated on a national level, especially when it comes to serious matters like healthcare and education.
Quebec forms a distinct society with its own government and as you’ve already found out – its own immigration and worker requirements.

If you haven’t found employment prior to your move, you will have to apply shortly after moving to Canada. Keep in mind that certain types of education and past professional credentials are well-respected. These could make it much easier for you to find work.

People that have UK qualifications are usually capable of finding a relevant job within a short period of time. These credentials will be sufficient to score a first interview, during which you will have to prove that you are skilled and qualified enough. Keep in mind that in Canada, potential employers cannot ask candidates for personal information. You shouldn’t be judged on your nationality, age, religion or ethnic background. Such information isn’t to be included in your CV, either.

The key to finding a good job is doing your research and applying to relevant job ads. Trade publications and other specialised media could provide a lot of information about the respective sector, the employment outlook and the things you’ll have to do in order to be considered an attractive candidate.

Apart from having many jobs that immigrants can choose among after entering the country, Canada also has a stable investment climate. If you’re a business person or an entrepreneur, Canada could be the right place for the establishment of your corporate activities.

When it comes to running a business, there are four main options to choose among – buying an existing corporate entity, setting up a branch office of an international company, getting into a joint venture or starting your own business. Self-employment possibilities are also available. Having a talk with a skilled attorney will give you a better idea about the possibilities and the procedures that need to be completed for the establishment of a business in Canada.

One final thing to remember is that whether you’re trying to get employment or you want to start a business, your foreign qualifications will have to be accredited in Canada. For some professions, you may have to acquire additional accreditation in the country. A few of the industries that will necessitate additional accreditation regardless of your academic background include social work, teaching nursing and physiotherapy. More information about professional credentials and the accreditation process is available at the Foreign Credentials Referral Office website.

Locations of Canadian Embassies and Consulates in Kuwait

During the application process, you will have to visit the Canadian embassy at least a few times. Whether you need to have an interview or you have questions, the national representatives there will guide you through the process and help you finalise the application successfully.

Here’s the contact information that you can use to ask your questions directly:

Embassy of Canada in Kuwait

  • Address: Da’iya, Block 4, Al-Mutawakkel st., villa 24, Kuwait City
  • Telephone: (965) 2256-30-25
  • Email:

Hours of operation: Sunday to Thursday – 8am to 10pm and 1:30pm to 4pm, consular section – Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 1pm

The embassy is the only Canadian representation in Kuwait.

When it comes to a Kuwaiti embassy in Canada, should you need any assistance during your stay in the country, here’s the contact information:

Embassy of Kuwait in Canada



Western union does allow money transfers from Kuwait to Canada and from Canada to Kuwait – Start Here

Western Union Money Transfer Kuwait

Kuwait is known as State of Kuwait and it is an Arab Country that is situated in Western Asia, whereas Canada is country that is situated in North America. It is a long way journey from Kuwait to Canada of approximately 10,109 KM.

That’s why the prime question that strikes in the mind is – What is the best way to transfer money from this Arabic country to that North American country which is at a long distance ahead? If you have your relatives, friends, colleagues or any one in Canada who is in need of money but you are in Kuwait, then how to transfer money quickly? You must be noticed something that for the money transfer process and especially for international money transfer, people prefer Western Union first and foremost.

What are the proper courses of action for money transfer from Kuwait to Canada via Western Union?

  • Spot your closest Western Union branch

    You have to first locate the Western Union branch in Kuwait and it is an easy work which can be achieved by just exploring in the internet. Then the rest of the processes are quite quick as well as simple.

  • Fill in the given form

    To the agency, you have to show your ID proof and it is mandatory. Then, you have to fill up the given form by an agent.

Now what is the complete process from here to that of money transfer?

  • You have to fill the given form in the agency. You have to mention the name of yours and the name of the receiver who is going to get the money you are transferring from Kuwait.
  • You have to mention Canada in the next box as the person you are sending money is in Canada and he/she is going to receive it there. You have to also state the city name where he/she lives like- Toronto or Ottawa or Montreal or any other places.
  • After providing your identity card the process regarding application will be completed. The ID card must be a Government Authorized one.
  • Then you have to hand the cash to the agent.
  • Get the receipt from the counter

    A Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is mentioned on the receipt, so keep the receipt carefully for future use. It is because; there are some countries, where the receiver has to present the MTCN No.

  • Track the whole money transfer

    You can easily track to know about the money transfer status by tools provided by Western Union. It can only be possible if you carefully keep your MTCN No. You can also track the money transfer status in the website of Western Union, where you can easily find the “Link for tracking” on the home page. Then, just type your name and the MTCN number, provided on the receipt.

Now, there may be another question that is being aroused in your mind which is- During what time you can transfer your money to Canada?

Due to the wide-ranging nature of Western Union, you can transfer money from Kuwait to Canada at any time but during the cited business hours. You have to just go to the agency and the agents will help you out with any sort of queries regarding the money transfer.

Generally, if you are at Canada receiving the money, the maximum chance is that you will get it as soon as possible, but sometimes the payment is done by payment card. But, before that it is recommended to inform the receiver about the transfer, the amount and other essential information like- the MTCN number and the complete name of yours and your country.

Money transfer process is trouble-free with Western Union’s modern approach with simplicity. You can easily send money from Kuwait to Canada and from anywhere to anyplace within just a blink.

Tips for travelling safely in the Kuwait desert

If you are planning a trip to Kuwait you might want to take a daytrip into the desert. A desert displays its own beauty. Some people love hiking but hiking in the desert is a different ball game that requires quite a bit of preparation and survival skill. Don’t bargain on the lush oasis that we see in the movies as those are few and far between. Kuwait has harsh conditions and you might need to travel there for work or for a holiday. You will find that it is incredibly hot and dry which might not be close to the conditions that you are used to. Read about a fire in the Kuwait desert here.

First of all you need to carry plenty of water with you. This is a crucial part of travelling through any desert. The biggest cause of death and illness in the desert is dehydration. One gallon of water per person per day is the minimum that you should have with you. Also before going on your hike make sure you are prepared. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back so that if you run into troubles someone will be looking for you. It is in your best interest to stick to your itinerary because getting lost in this barren country won’t be ideal.

Tips for travelling safely in the Kuwait desert

Take a look at utility service truck from Offroad Trucks Australia if you are looking for heavy duty vehicles to complete work in the desert. You will be able to purchase incredibly high quality vehicles that can stand the test of time. It is as simple as requesting a quote. Whether you are going there for work or pleasure you should make sure that you are dressed correctly. It is suggested that you should wear light layered clothing in summer to minimize your chances of getting dehydrated. Good hiking shoes are incredibly important as your feet will be doing most of the work.

It is important to watch the sky and make sure you check for any winds. It is also a good idea to frequently listen to radio broadcasts so that you are informed of any changes in the weather. Just as hot as it gets during the day it gets cold at night so make sure you pack something for warmth. Avoid any canyons so that you don’t get stuck in a predicament. The important thing is to research as much as you can about hiking in the desert. Click here for more survival tips in the desert.

There are many ways to travel in the desert that include camel riding, offroad vehicles and hiking. If you are going there for the first time you should probably go with a guide or a tour group to avoid getting lost without a backup system. There are always guided tours that will lead you through this harsh environment. Get as much information as you can before attempting a solo hike so that you become a seasoned desert hiker.

The Best Hobby to Take Up When You Immigrate To Canada

Water sports are pretty popular in Canada.  Yes, with frequent snow fall during winter things can get pretty icy on the water but not for Canadians.  In fact, they still enjoy water sports just as much during winter because the cold doesn’t scare them at all.  It might take you a while to get used to the new climate, surroundings and way of life but you shouldn’t wait too long before starting on a good hobby because a fun sports hobby will keep you going, help you meet more people and keep you fit and active while you adapt to your new life.  One of the best and most fun hobbies to consider as soon as you get settled in this beautiful part is sup surfing or paddle boarding.

The Best Hobby to Take Up When You Immigrate To Canada

Why sup surfing is the next big thing

If the celebrities are doing a certain sport then you can probably count on a high rise in the popularity of that sport and lately a lot of famous individuals have been seen enjoying sups. But being popular probably shouldn’t inspire you to choose one activity above another.  What makes sup surfing the next big thing is the fact that this activity is really fun. You can enjoy sup surfing in the sea, on the ocean, on a lake, pond or even a river and have a blast instantly.  And because sups have suddenly boomed into one of the most popular sports there is, you can easily get your hands on the best and highest quality gear at the most affordable prices.

Inflatable sups for easy traveling & storing

One of the top things you can do when you kick start your new and exciting hobby is to invest in a high quality inflatable sup.  The inflatable sups are just as fantastic as paddle boards with one great exception.  They are easy!  You can store your sup easily because it folds into a tiny box and you can travel to any destination comfortably since the sup won’t take up much room in your vehicle.

Inflatable sups for fun wherever you go

The possibilities for fun activities with a sup are endless as long as you have a bit of water.  You can enjoy casual rowing down the stream, river rafting, launch reaching competitions with friends and fellow sup men and women and you will develop stronger muscles thanks to all of the exercise you will be getting while you are steering controlling your sup.

Find the best inflatable sup on the market

To find the Best inflatable SUP you can have a look at WavesChamp is a terrific buying guide where you can check out all of the pros and cons of each of the different sups and you can find information on kayaks, stand up paddle boards as well as some useful tips and hits on how to use, repair and maintain your sup.  These reviews and guides will help you find the most suitable sup as well as additional gear like paddles, pumps and carry bags.

Yes, There’s Fishing in Kuwait

American’s and Canadians alike seem to think that Kuwait, and other related Middle Easter countries, are mostly desert. And while that may actually be true, there are lakes, rivers, and streams all throughout that part of the world as well. So, yes, there’s fishing in Kuwait. And it may be time to take your leave of the Embassy of Kuwait for the sake of traveling there to experience the variety of fish species located within its borders.

But, don’t forget to get the best fish finder first. You will want to gather as many great fishing stories as possible while you are there. So, getting a fish finder that can help you locate the ideal places to drop anchor and line, will certainly add to the success of that endeavor. And, with the help of the people at OutdoorTricks, there’s no doubt you will get the best fishing, and other outdoor related gear, on the planet. So, without further ado, let’s learn a little more about fishing in Kuwait.

Yes, There’s Fishing in Kuwait

What to Expect

Kuwait’s fishing opportunities are infinitely greater than you probably ever anticipated. In fact, there are nearly 2000 lakes, streams, reservoirs, waterfalls, rivers, and other fishing locales to explore. Kuwait is quite close to water and therefore, offers a number of additional water sports adventures as well. Fishing does happen to be a favorite, especially since the varieties of fish are so vast:

  • Sharks- There are six different shark species available within the waters near Kuwait. Check this
  • Tuna– If you’d prefer one of these giants, there are four options.
  • Mackerel- Believe it or not, Kuwait has four different kinds of mackerel as well.
  • Barracuda and Rays– Take your pick of two species in each category.
  • Snappers
  • Soles
  • Breams
  • Catfish
  • Needlefish
  • Puffers
  • Flounders

A Family Affair

People who reside in Kuwait often view weekend fishing as a family affair. The methods in which they choose to seek out the perfect catch differs though. And, everyone is entitled to his/her own personal preferences. Here are some of the local favorites:

  1. Prominent Rocks– Individuals locate large rocks that jut out of the water in which they desire to fish. They use sophisticated poles with long casting distances.
  2. Piers– Some families would much prefer to employ simple rod and reel set ups and fish directly off local piers. Read this.
  3. Boats- Plenty of people enjoy boating. While out on the water, they will utilize trawls and multi-hooked lines to capture as many fish as possible.
  4. The Experts- Yes, indeed, Kuwait has many expert fishermen who will employ the use of their own home-made fishing equipment.

Where to Go

If Kuwait is not your home, but you are desirous of a great fishing experience, it seems obvious that you will be wondering where to go. While Kuwait has three major fishing fleets, you will find your own enjoyment at these locales:

Shore Fishing

Some fisherman prefer to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. So, these shore based spots will suit your fancy:

  • Scientific Centre
  • Shouq Sharq (watch this)
  • Shuwaikh Beach
  • Ahmadi fishing spots
  • Kuwait’s south-east areas


If you still want to be on solid ground, but would like to be a little further out into the water, the Salmiyyah Fishing Piers will offer you a great time. They go about 49 feet out into the Arabian Gulf. Keep in mind that they are particularly busy during the weekend.

Fishing in Kuwait is sure to offer you many memories for years to come.

Student Travel to Kuwait

Whether you are a college student, or still in high school gearing up to travel with your family, Kuwait makes an interesting destination. Before you choose to visit abroad, you will probably need assistance preparing your agenda and knowing what to take with you. We intend to offer you that advice here.

Rustic Pathways should be your first stop. They can provide you with superior service programs and the quality travel you and your family is looking for. Their goal is to empower students to make a difference in the world around them by offering them exceptional travel experiences. Your life will be enriched when you travel with them.

Student Travel to Kuwait

Now that you know who you will be traveling with, you should probably consider including some of these items in your luggage:

  • Sunglasses– Kuwait is a land of baking hot sands, which means lots of sun!
  • Polaroid- You will want to remember the majestic Kuwait Towers and Tareq Rajab Museum.
  • Lotion- Those baking sands and sun can do a number on your skin.
  • First Aid Kit– Just in case.
  • Journal- Recording your experiences will be of great value as you get older and want to share with your own children.
  • Backpack- As long as you keep it on, you will have better luck avoiding theft.
  • DSLR Camera– For those more intense photographic experiences.
  • Ink Pens– You can’t keep a journal without them.
  • Chapstick- Sunburned lips can be a real problem in Kuwait.

What to See in Kuwait While You’re There

You have chosen your travel company, and you have packed all the necessary essentials, now it’s time to hop on that plane. When you arrive in Kuwait, and get settled into your hotel, you will probably be wondering what’s first on the agenda. Therefore, with this list of things to see in Kuwait, you should have no problem filling your days with incredible sights and historic escapades. These are our suggestions on what to see in Kuwait while you’re there:

  1. Kuwait Towers– A Swedish firm actually designed this symbol of the nation with its blue-green sequins.
  2. Tareq Rajab Museum– Inlaid musical instruments hang all around. It is definitely an ethnographic site you should not miss.
  3. Souq ad Dahab Al Markazi– This is the hub of the central gold market in Kuwait City. Learn more.
  4. Scientific Center (in Kuwait City)– One of the largest aquariums in the Middle East is housed within this sail shaped building.
  5. Kuwait House of National Works– If you want to learn more about the Iraqi invasion, this is the museum for you.
  6. National Museum Complex– The home of very important Islamic art.
  7. Al Hashemi Marine Museum– Find moth lanterns, barometers, and large-scale models of dhows.
  8. Maritime Museum– Kuwait’s seafaring heritage is explained here.
  9. Beit-Al-Badr– This is a traditional style mud home, built in the mid-1800s, that includes ornately carved wood doors. Look at these
  10. Al Jahra Gate– One of the few remaining gates in the city.

If you get through all those suggestions, you might want to visit this site for additional travel and exploration ideas. And, if you think you would like to know more about Kuwait before you gear up to explore it on your own, you can always contact the Embassy of Kuwait.

Immigration to Canada – Tips for Settling In

Immigrating to Canada but afraid you won’t be able to settle in easily? Check out these detailed tips!

DON’T STICK TO YOUR OWN COMMUNITY – while your own particular group gives you a feeling of “home” and enthusiastic support, it may not be the best thing to do. We are stating this on the grounds that on the off chance that you just converse with individuals from your group or invest energy just with them then your view of Canada as a rule and life here particularly will be totally skewed and now and again totally off-base. Here’s an example, envision you meet a 40 year old specialist from India who has moved and is discovering extraordinary trouble in looking for some kind of employment here in light of the fact that his instructive accreditations require re-confirmation according to Canadian benchmarks, being 40 years of age he possibly very unbending in his reasoning and he may think Canada is treating him unreasonably in spite of his instructive capabilities and experience, however Canada and Canadian healing facilities are just after principles and not one-sided against this particular specialist. Presently you arrive here as an IT expert and meet this specialist in your nearby group social occasions and hear his dismal story. Despite the fact that it is totally inconsequential to your circumstance, calling, capability or experience it might demotivate you a ton since you see a kindred nation man, with awesome capabilities and experience battling here to land a position and your assurance goes down. In that state you psyche won’t think reasonably and you will lose inspiration.

Immigration to Canada – Tips for Settling In

TAKE IN THE CULTURE OF CANADA – We are not saying google Canada and learn everything by heart. When you move around in Canada, perceive how individuals treat each other it can be the man at the migration counter at the airplane terminal, the cab driver who drops you to your place of stay, the man at the ticket counter in the tram station or fast food store, the director at the bank, and so forth. Fundamentally anyone and everyone you meet in life shows you something deliberately or unwittingly, when you interface with various sorts of individuals attempt to watch them, their motions, non-verbal communication, manner of speaking, volume level of discourse, dress sense and so forth and attempt to comprehend the way of life, general guidelines of correspondence, common regard and limits. This will help you an extraordinary arrangement in fitting your relational abilities to Canadian benchmarks. Most Indians have a wrong mentality of deduction western individuals have no culture or that Indian culture is predominant, that is inept and will just lead you down the wrong way. India has a rich culture and legacy, that doesn’t mean we are the main ones. Figure out how to comprehend the contrast between something which isn’t right and something which is quite recently not quite the same as what you do.

DON’T FEEL THAT CANADA OWES YOU SOMETHING BECAUSE THEY INVITED AND ACCEPTED YOUR IMMIGRATION APPLICATION – Remember migration is to a greater degree a political choice than a monetary choice for the administration. You may have great capabilities and involvement in your nation of origin, however that may not mean anything in Canada. Canadian government does not ensure each foreigner work what they assurance is a quality and standard of life which is great in the event that you can deal with the essentials like occupation, lodging and so on.

In addition to that, buy a home, buy furniture, settle in, set up an internet connection, set up your kitchen, get groceries, install Windows 10 in your personal computer and start applying for jobs online (you can check out How To Get Help In Windows 10 if you face any troubles afterwards), enroll yourself/your kids in educational institutions and meet new people!

Understanding Weight Loss Fads after You Immigrate from Kuwait to Canada

Depending on your exposure to western culture before you moved to Canada, it may be hard to separate the fads from the truth. Information about the next “best” diet or exercise routine abound, and many of it can be quite confusing. Some groups say you need to eat more of one type of food while eliminating others, and some have strict prepackaged diets that are supposed to make weight loss easy.

The problem is, most of these fad diets are hard, if not impossible to sustain. And just because one has been around for years doesn’t mean it’s a great choice for you. So, how do you separate fads from facts? By watching for the warning signs.

Warning Sign #1: Pills and Powders

If a diet relies on pills and powders instead of real food, then it is likely something amiss. A sound diet involves eating whole foods, like fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. If all of the nutrition is supposed to come from a tiny capsule or something you mix with water, then you’re likely not getting everything your body needs to be healthy.

It isn’t that all powders and pills are bad. For example, cocoa powder does have some nutritional value. But it doesn’t offer enough for you to be able to live off of it.

Understanding Weight Loss Fads after You Immigrate from Kuwait to Canada

Warning Sign #2: It Promises Astounding Weight Loss

Any diet that suggests you can lose 10 pounds in a few days isn’t telling you the whole truth. Generally, just the simple math on that doesn’t add up. For example, it requires a calorie deficit of 3,500 calories to lose one pound. To lose 10 pounds in a week, you would need to create a deficit of 5,000 calories per day.

If a healthy person burns around 2,000 calories a day through normal activities, they would still need to burn 3,000 extra calories and not eat anything for an entire week. In the end, that just isn’t realistic (for more information about why this wouldn’t work, see some of the details here

Warning Sign #3: Extremely Restrictive

If a diet relies on only eating a handful of foods over the course of days or weeks, then that should be a red flag. For example, the Cabbage Soup diet involves only eating from a very specific selection of foods over the course of a week and supplementing most of the “meals” with large quantities of a specific cabbage soup.

Even if you experience weight loss in the short-term, this diet isn’t healthy or sustainable. And, if you have certain health conditions, like diabetes, it could even be dangerous. Not to mention, almost all people will be hungry throughout the diet, and may even feel weak due to the limited nutritional value. It is also quite boring, which often makes it incredibly challenging to stick with, even for only a week.

How to Lose Weight Safely

Losing weight safely is a slow process. Often, you want to aim for one to two pounds lost every week, and generally no more. Additionally, you want to eat a well-rounded diet that includes all of the major food groups. And, if you are considering something more restrictive or controlled, or if you have health concerns, you should always speak to a doctor. When in doubt, a doctor can always give you advice based on your unique situation.

Healthy Living Tips to Live By After Emigrating from Kuwait to Canada

Now that the immigration process is complete, you can begin living your new life in the beautiful country of Canada. But figuring out how to adopt a healthy lifestyle in an environment that may differ significantly from what you are used to can be tricky. Luckily, living a healthy life in Canada is easy. To help you adjust more quickly, here are some tips to get you started on your path to your ideal life in your new country.

Enjoy the Outdoors

Canada has some truly beautiful landscapes, and many of the country’s citizens spend a notable amount of time enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer. Not only can you find excellent ways to exercise, but being outside can also relieve stress and help you feel more connected to the world around you.

Enjoying the outdoors in Canada is something everyone can do. There are bike and hiking trails throughout the country, creating easy to follow paths for those who aren’t yet familiar with the area. These trails can lead you through your new city or let you explore local parks.

For those interested in something a little different, consider white water rafting. Rafting is surprisingly physical, so you’ll get an excellent workout. And, along the way, you get to enjoy some of the natural beauty the country has to offer. If you prefer something a little more low-key, kayaking and canoeing are also popular options.

Healthy Living Tips to Live By After Emigrating from Kuwait to Canada

Eat Right

Like many nations, the government of Canada puts emphasis on eating right to promote health amongst its citizens. Priority is given to making sure you get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet as part of a healthy lifestyle. And getting enough fruits and vegetables can actually be quite easy.

Many fruits and vegetables are quite good when eaten in their natural states, such as in greens in salads or whole fruits. Not only do they provide a good source of vitamins and minerals, but they also serve as a good source of fiber.

However, sometimes it is difficult to get all of your servings from whole foods, and that’s where high-quality juices can come in. Some of the best masticating juicers allow you to make fresh juice without the added sugars you may find in store-bought versions. This can make it a healthier option in comparison, and you get to choose exactly what goes in it.

Get Enough Sleep

Many people underestimate the value of a good night’s sleep except for when they don’t get it. And repeatedly failing to get the sleep you need can result in more than just fatigue; it can actually harm your health. In most cases, if you are consistently getting less than six hours of sleep a night, or sleeping more than 10 hours, you could be harming your health.

Many recommendations suggest getting around eight hours of sleep. However, falling somewhere between seven and nine hours is often fine. Each person has a slightly different sleep requirement, so it is fine if you aren’t getting exactly eight hours every night. Instead, learn at what point you wake feeling refreshed and rested. Whatever that point is that should be your normal aim.

And, by combining a good night’s sleep with the other tips above, you can get yourself headed towards a healthy life as you settle into your new Canadian home.

Choose Mission BC for Your New Home in Canada

Moving to another country is never easy.  There are so many things you have to say goodbye to like family and friends, jobs you love and activities you enjoyed.  And then there is the insecurity of moving to another country.  Where do you begin?  How do you choose the best location for you and your family?  Will it be safe?  Will your new life be a success?  The questions and insecurities never seem to end and sadly, the answers are often different for each person because everyone that immigrates is different and not everyone is happy with their new home.  Canada is one of the best countries to consider if you are looking for a new home because the country is flourishing, crime rates are low and the one thing that Canada has in abundance is gorgeous scenery. If you are considering moving to Canada then you can definitely look into Mission BC for your new home because this is one of the best places to raise a family and make a new and fresh start.

Choose Mission BC for Your New Home in Canada

Why Mission is the best place to live

Affordable housing – One of the biggest reasons to consider Mission for your new home is the affordable housing.  The average going rate for a beautiful home in mission is $488 000 which is why this is one of the best places to make a new start.  You can buy a nice and big luxury home to raise your family and never stress about unaffordable mortgages again. Gorgeous scenery – Mission is known for its tree farms.  Living in Mission is almost like living in a dense and magnificent forest.  Lots of trees, plenty of fresh air and an abundance of wildlife will make out part of your everyday life. Healthy environment – Mission is incredibly clean which makes it a much healthier environment in which to retire or raise a family. Fun things to do – You can enjoy lots of fun activities like water sports, boating and fishing in the area and Mission has an abundance of hiking trails through scenic forests. Low population – If you are looking to get away from big crowds then this is definitely a great place to which you can relocate.  Mission has a relatively low population level and the residents are known to be polite and calm.

Find a home in Mission

To find the perfect home or apartment for sale you can have a look at Bob McLean’s Mission real estate company.  Bob McLean is a professional realtor that will help you find the best and most affordable home in Mission area.  Over the last 13 years he has helped with the purchase and sell of more than 500 homes and he is a permanent resident of the area which means you can contact him if you need any additional information regarding the area.  You can find out what it is like to live in Mission, what the living expense and expected salary for various positions in the area is and what the people are like to help you decide.

Top Attractions in Kuwait You Should See

One thing that can be said about Kuwait is that it is one place that has managed to keep its culture and history intact while embracing the modern aspects that technology can offer. There are different things that you can expect to see in Kuwait no matter what type of traveller you are.

If you are a golfer, you will not be disappointed because Kuwait has some golf resorts that can offer a lot of activities other than playing golf. Of course you can check out golf carts for sale in BC but a lot of the activities that you can do in Kuwait will also involve hunting and riding horses. There is no dull moment when you are in those resorts.

Top Attractions in Kuwait You Should See

Like mentioned earlier, there is something for everyone in Kuwait so if in case playing golf does not appeal to you, there are still a lot of attractions that you can find in Kuwait that you will surely appreciate such as the following:

  1. Kuwait Towers – This is an often celebrated attraction in Kuwait mainly because of the great view that it can provide. This is known to have one large tower that has a rotating observation deck on top that will give you a full view of the city. In the middle tower, you can see a million gallons of water. Truly, checking this out will make a huge difference with your life.
  2. Entertainment City – If you are searching for entertainment while you are in Kuwait, you will not be disappointed when you get to Entertainment City because definitely, there are a lot of things that can truly entertain you. You will surely be delighted when you check out Arab World. For sure, you will not get bored.
  3. The Liberation Tower – This is a historical tower that signifies the liberation of the people of Kuwait. This is also known to be the tallest telecommunication tower not only in Kuwait but in the whole world. This is even taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris although it is not that well known. When you check it out, you will realize that your time is not wasted.
  4. Failaka Island – If you have always loved ancient history then this is the best place for you to visit because this is surely full of history. You will see a lot of Greek temples and other archaeological sites that you will not see elsewhere.
  5. Kazmah Desert Cliffs – If you have never been to the desert then this can give you a taste of it. You can go to this elevated area and be rewarded by the view of the bay. It will be unlike anything that you have ever seen before and all of your efforts will be worth it.

Other than the things that are mentioned above, there are still different places in Kuwait that are worth seeing. Can you still think of some that you would like to visit soon?