Immigration to Canada From Kuwait – The Process – Regulations – Laws and Visa Requirements


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Very few Western countries are actively looking for immigrants and encouraging the movement of people with its possibilities. If you’re a Kuwaiti citizen and you’re interested in a move to Canada, you’ll have to deal with a couple of important requirements.

The following guide contains all of the essential information that you need to know when applying for a visa and fulfilling all of the other immigration requirements. It will help you speed up the process and provide details about entities you can contact to get additional assistance.

Canada Immigration Process for Kuwaiti Citizens


Kuwaiti citizens can apply to go to Canada in several ways. There’s a short-term visit possibility, a chance to visit Canada and study in the country, work, immigration and family sponsorship programmes.

As already mentioned, Canada is known because it relies on immigrants and workers from other countries to fuel its economy. Thus, everybody is given fair treatment and there’s a fair chance of getting approved for either a short-term visit or long-term stay.

The Canadian government has designed a points system that is used to determine whether applicants will be allowed to enter the country under the Skilled Worker Act. Through this system, people who have a certain level of education or certain skills may be free to travel to Canada, regardless of the profession that they currently practice in Kuwait.

All applicants have to obtain at least 67 points out of 100 for the application to be approved. Points are handed out on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Education: it can provide a maximum of 25 points. People that have PhD, master’s degrees or at least 17 years of being a full-time student will be given the maximum number of points. The minimum is five points and it is awarded to individuals that have completed their high school education.
  • Language proficiency: the maximum number of points is 24. Most points are handed to the individuals that have excellent English or French proficiency and that can prove their knowledge via the provision of a language certificate. Written and oral tests are scheduled to test the language proficiency of candidates, as well.
  • Age: this criterion produces a maximum of 10 points. The maximum is awarded to individuals aged 21 to 49.
  • Experience: the maximum for this factor is 21 points. Experience refers to having at least four years of experience in an approved occupation. Applicants that have a fewer number of years will lose two points from their experience for each single missing year. One year of experience grants the minimum possible of 15 points.
  • Arranged employment: people that have already arranged to start working prior to entering Canada can earn up to 10 points. The Canadian Skills Development and Human Resources department should confirm the legitimacy of the position.
  • Adaptability: while this may seem like a vague criterion, it is not. Up to 10 additional points will be awarded in the case of family in Canada or a spouse that has relevant education or previous work experience.

Types of Visas and Visa Requirements

There are several visa options for Kuwaiti citizens who want to immigrate to Canada. Needless to say, the requirements for each one are specific and may differ from the ones already mentioned as a part of the Skilled Workers Act.

Tourist Visa

To come to Canada as a tourist, you’ll need to apply for a visitor visa. It’s possible to apply both online and in person (the second option is required whenever biometric data will have to be submitted).

Kuwaiti citizens are eligible to apply for a tourist visa. It will grant them a right to stay in the country for a period that doesn’t exceed six months. People who come to Canada on a tourist visa cannot work in the country.

When it comes to tourist visas, there are two main varieties to choose among – single and multiple entry visas. A single entry visa, as its name indicates, enables you to enter Canada a single time. If you leave Canada (excluding travel to the US), you’ll not be eligible to enter the country again within the six-month period. The multiple-entry visa allows you to exit and enter Canada again several times.

Parent/Grandparent Visa

This type of visa is known as a super-visa because it enables eligible parents and grandparents to stay with family in Canada for a period of up to two years. This is a multi-entry visa, meaning that for the period of its validity, the person is free to enter Canada and leave the country numerous times.

All of the individuals applying for the visa will need to pass an interview with a visa officer at an embassy in Kuwait and complete a medical exam prior to entering Canada.

Business Visa

Apart from requiring a visa, individuals who plan to find employment in Canada will also need a work permit most of the time. Here’s a form that you can use to determine whether a work permit will be a needed part of your application. Your area of specialisation is the determining factor.

Keep in mind that entering Canada as a businessman and as a worker are two separate entities.

Businesspeople enter the country to do business under an agreement like the North America Free Trade Agreement, the General Agreement on Trade and Services and other free trade agreements. Business visitors are free from having to obtain a work permit.

Business people and entrepreneurs can complete the application process online.

Work permits are available for both temporary and permanent workers. More information about the requirements and the application procedure can be found on the Government of Canada website.

Immigration Programmes

The final option that you can try to enter Canada legally is an immigration programme. You can test your eligibility here. By filling out the program, you will get more information about the federal economic immigration programmes that you’re eligible to.

Individuals from Kuwait who have no relatives in Canada and who want to move permanently to the country in order to find work there are typically eligible to the Federal Skilled Worker Program, the Federal Skilled Trades Program and the Canadian Experience Class.

Once again, the Government of Canada website features quizzes and brief questionnaires that will help you determine your eligibility and figure out what documents will be required to complete the immigration application process.

Keep in mind that as a part of the application process, you may be required to complete a language proficiency test, you’ll have to provide proof of education and you will have to familiarize yourself with Canada’s National Occupational Classification System. More information about the process in its entirety is available here.

Quebec Immigration Overview

Quebec has the authority to select skilled workers that will settle in the province. A set of specific criteria will once again be used to determine the eligibility of applicants.

All Kuwaiti citizens who complete the process successfully will receive a Certificat de selection du Québec that is issued by the government of Quebec. Keep in mind that Quebec is a predominantly French-speaking province, which will have to be factored in your immigration decision.

The Official Site of the Government of Quebec dedicated to immigration provides a lot of useful information about the application possibilities, the selection process and the things you can do to increase your chances of success.

The first step of the process is completing the Preliminary Evaluation for Immigration online. PEI is a tool that gives you some idea about your chances. Entrepreneurs and people who are coming to Quebec in order to start a business are free from having to complete the PEI. The same applies to individuals who are interested in long-term stay through an investor programme.

PEI will ask questions about your background, age, education and professional experience. In essence, it is like the point system and it assesses eligibility on the basis of the positive contribution that you’re going to have on the Quebec economy.

Once you have completed the PEI, you can fill out the official immigration application online. The application can be submitted online and once you fulfill this step, you can also submit an application for permanent residence. The second application will have to be submitted to the Government of Canada.

Living and Working in Canada


There are a few essentials that you’ll have to get used to when moving to Canada. There are significant political, economic and cultural differences. While Canada’s government does its best to welcome immigrants and skilled workers, you will need some time to get used to your new surroundings.

Canada has a largely decentralised structure and each province runs many independent activities and regulations. These are usually coordinated on a national level, especially when it comes to serious matters like healthcare and education.
Quebec forms a distinct society with its own government and as you’ve already found out – its own immigration and worker requirements.

If you haven’t found employment prior to your move, you will have to apply shortly after moving to Canada. Keep in mind that certain types of education and past professional credentials are well-respected. These could make it much easier for you to find work.

People that have UK qualifications are usually capable of finding a relevant job within a short period of time. These credentials will be sufficient to score a first interview, during which you will have to prove that you are skilled and qualified enough. Keep in mind that in Canada, potential employers cannot ask candidates for personal information. You shouldn’t be judged on your nationality, age, religion or ethnic background. Such information isn’t to be included in your CV, either.

The key to finding a good job is doing your research and applying to relevant job ads. Trade publications and other specialised media could provide a lot of information about the respective sector, the employment outlook and the things you’ll have to do in order to be considered an attractive candidate.

Apart from having many jobs that immigrants can choose among after entering the country, Canada also has a stable investment climate. If you’re a business person or an entrepreneur, Canada could be the right place for the establishment of your corporate activities.

When it comes to running a business, there are four main options to choose among – buying an existing corporate entity, setting up a branch office of an international company, getting into a joint venture or starting your own business. Self-employment possibilities are also available. Having a talk with a skilled attorney will give you a better idea about the possibilities and the procedures that need to be completed for the establishment of a business in Canada.

One final thing to remember is that whether you’re trying to get employment or you want to start a business, your foreign qualifications will have to be accredited in Canada. For some professions, you may have to acquire additional accreditation in the country. A few of the industries that will necessitate additional accreditation regardless of your academic background include social work, teaching nursing and physiotherapy. More information about professional credentials and the accreditation process is available at the Foreign Credentials Referral Office website.

Locations of Canadian Embassies and Consulates in Kuwait

During the application process, you will have to visit the Canadian embassy at least a few times. Whether you need to have an interview or you have questions, the national representatives there will guide you through the process and help you finalise the application successfully.

Here’s the contact information that you can use to ask your questions directly:

Embassy of Canada in Kuwait

  • Address: Da’iya, Block 4, Al-Mutawakkel st., villa 24, Kuwait City
  • Telephone: (965) 2256-30-25
  • Email:

Hours of operation: Sunday to Thursday – 8am to 10pm and 1:30pm to 4pm, consular section – Sunday to Thursday from 8am to 1pm

The embassy is the only Canadian representation in Kuwait.

When it comes to a Kuwaiti embassy in Canada, should you need any assistance during your stay in the country, here’s the contact information:

Embassy of Kuwait in Canada



Western union does allow money transfers from Kuwait to Canada and from Canada to Kuwait – Start Here

Western Union Money Transfer Kuwait

Kuwait is known as State of Kuwait and it is an Arab Country that is situated in Western Asia, whereas Canada is country that is situated in North America. It is a long way journey from Kuwait to Canada of approximately 10,109 KM.

That’s why the prime question that strikes in the mind is – What is the best way to transfer money from this Arabic country to that North American country which is at a long distance ahead? If you have your relatives, friends, colleagues or any one in Canada who is in need of money but you are in Kuwait, then how to transfer money quickly? You must be noticed something that for the money transfer process and especially for international money transfer, people prefer Western Union first and foremost.

What are the proper courses of action for money transfer from Kuwait to Canada via Western Union?

  • Spot your closest Western Union branch

    You have to first locate the Western Union branch in Kuwait and it is an easy work which can be achieved by just exploring in the internet. Then the rest of the processes are quite quick as well as simple.

  • Fill in the given form

    To the agency, you have to show your ID proof and it is mandatory. Then, you have to fill up the given form by an agent.

Now what is the complete process from here to that of money transfer?

  • You have to fill the given form in the agency. You have to mention the name of yours and the name of the receiver who is going to get the money you are transferring from Kuwait.
  • You have to mention Canada in the next box as the person you are sending money is in Canada and he/she is going to receive it there. You have to also state the city name where he/she lives like- Toronto or Ottawa or Montreal or any other places.
  • After providing your identity card the process regarding application will be completed. The ID card must be a Government Authorized one.
  • Then you have to hand the cash to the agent.
  • Get the receipt from the counter

    A Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is mentioned on the receipt, so keep the receipt carefully for future use. It is because; there are some countries, where the receiver has to present the MTCN No.

  • Track the whole money transfer

    You can easily track to know about the money transfer status by tools provided by Western Union. It can only be possible if you carefully keep your MTCN No. You can also track the money transfer status in the website of Western Union, where you can easily find the “Link for tracking” on the home page. Then, just type your name and the MTCN number, provided on the receipt.

Now, there may be another question that is being aroused in your mind which is- During what time you can transfer your money to Canada?

Due to the wide-ranging nature of Western Union, you can transfer money from Kuwait to Canada at any time but during the cited business hours. You have to just go to the agency and the agents will help you out with any sort of queries regarding the money transfer.

Generally, if you are at Canada receiving the money, the maximum chance is that you will get it as soon as possible, but sometimes the payment is done by payment card. But, before that it is recommended to inform the receiver about the transfer, the amount and other essential information like- the MTCN number and the complete name of yours and your country.

Money transfer process is trouble-free with Western Union’s modern approach with simplicity. You can easily send money from Kuwait to Canada and from anywhere to anyplace within just a blink.

Find Your Feet in Canada with Photography

One of the scariest parts about moving to another country is figuring out what you are going to do to earn a living once you get there.  A lot of people that move to this beautiful and thriving country make one huge mistake when they tackle this journey.  They rely on one job opportunity or one skill.  You never know what a new job will be like until you have stepped into that position and so many people end up in terrible work circumstances from which they cannot escape simply because there are no other opportunities available and because they don’t have additional skills to offer.  Photography can be a great backup plan that you simply must create before moving to Canada because with photography you always have a way to earn income no matter where you are.

Why photography is a great profession

First of all, photography is fun.  Photographers get to explore a lot, they are continuously meeting new people and they have a lot of fun because they are always invited to celebrations and events.  But one of the biggest reasons to develop this skill is because you are sure of income no matter where you go.

Find Your Feet in Canada with Photography

Different ways to earn with photography

There are lots of ways to earn money from photography.  You can earn by taking family and portrait shots for people, you can earn by starting a review site where you photograph, test and write articles on products and services.  You can earn by taking great landscape shots that you can sell on photo websites or you can print canvases or make other decorative items with the photographs that you can sell to earn an extra income.

How to get started

The first thing you should do is learn the language of photography.  Yes, photographers also use photography language just like medical experts use medical language and you need to understand these definitions before starting any courses and before buying any gear so you will know exactly what everyone is talking about.  Beginner photography definitions is a terrific place to start because this article will explain all of the photography terms for you so you will know what goes with what.

Learn all the skills you need

Once you understand how to talk photography and what everyone around you are saying, then it is time to expand your skills by taking up photography lessons.  CreativeLive is a great site to look out for because this fantastic online tutorial site offers all of the best photography tutorials you will ever need for your trip to Canada.  You can learn how to take fantastic landscape shots, portrait shots, children’s photographs, birth shots and action shots that people can use in large organizations.  The video tutorials on CreativeLive is incredibly easy to use, easy to understand and will give you all the information you need on photography.

Learn only what you need

A great reason to use CreativeLive is the fact that you only have to learn what is needed.  You aren’t paying for anything that you will never use and you can re-watch the tutorials as often as needed.

iPhone 6 Can Change Your Experience at the Embassy

Working at the Embassy of Kuwait can certainly be stressful. There are tons of meetings and lots of paperwork. Then there are the seemingly never ending piles of letters from people wanting to know more about the country and the purpose of the Embassy itself. So, when you are feeling bogged down, you might find that the iPhone 6 can change your experience at the Embassy.

Before you get too involved with your phone, make sure that you have access to the iPhone 6 battery replacement kit. You can get it on Amazon and it will allow you the luxury of making your iPhone 6 work like it is brand new all over again. The battery is CE/ROHS certified and there are even YouTube videos to help you do the work yourself. At $19.95 you will certainly save a good deal replacing the battery on your own. Then, once your phone is functioning at optimal capacity, you will be able to utilize it to make working at the Embassy a lot less hassle.

iPhone 6 Can Change Your Experience at the Embassy

Ways the iPhone 6 Can Change Your Work Habits

Most people have begun to incorporate their smartphones in daily work. Surely you have seen a number of people walking around the Embassy utilizing their phones for the purposes of emailing and creating documents. Therefore, it is time to learn ways the iPhone 6 can change your work habits:

  • Display- Previous versions had a display that made it very difficult to see websites and documents. But, the 5.5 inch screen of this phone’s Plus version allows you to do some of the same things you would have previously needed a tablet for. The landscape orientation is particularly useful. Read this.
  • Apps- The screen is great, but without phenomenal apps, this phone would not be as beneficial as it is. Previous apps displayed poorly on smaller screens, or didn’t function on larger screens the way they needed to. The apps on the iPhone 6 Plus have been optimized by their developers to utilize the full screen. And, the controls are readily accessible with the new designs. This makes the iPhone 6 great for research and writing. Learn more.
  • Battery- If you have a brand new iPhone 6 you will enjoy the longevity of the initial battery. You will find that you frequently get more than a day out of every charge. That’s even with starting your day early and ending it late, and using the phone pretty heavily while at the Embassy.
  • Tablet- You can say goodbye to your heavy reliance on a tablet. The iPhone is a lot easier to carry and as long as you don’t have to do any extensive amounts of writing, it will replace your need for an ever present tablet. The hardware and software on the phone work seamlessly. The phone is a complete mobile device package that can change the way you face your workload.

Not everybody at the Embassy of Kuwait has the same job responsibilities. So, while this might be the answer you have been longing for, someone else may still need access to tablets, laptops, and desktops. It is important to evaluate your personal workload prior to determining that the iPhone 6 is the right mobile device for you. If you’d like to read more about it, click this.

The Best Water Sports in Canada

Canada gets more than 35 million tourists annually. The North American country is notable worldwide for its staggering urban and natural scenery, yet progressively more, Canada is turning into a most loved destination among water sports lovers. Check out this article if you are planning your next trip to Canada or thinking of immigrating there and need some ideas as to what are the best spots for water sports.

The Best Water Sports in Canada

1-Surfing in Nova Scotia

In spite of the fact that Canada is not the primary spot that pops up in mind with regards to surfing areas, there are a few magnificent (and uncrowded) areas that are really just undiscovered diamonds.

The coast of Nova Scotia is home to various shorelines with reliably great surf. The most famous spot is Lawrencetown, which is strategically placed just a couple of miles far from Halifax. There are a few surfing schools nearby, offering courses at all levels, from learner to cutting edge, including educator certifications. The individuals who just need to lease or purchase surfing gear are additionally very much provided food for at Lawrencetown. The primary shoreline extends for more than 1 mile and it is known for having the best waves after dark. The waves are simply awesome during the month of September.

Once your surfing day is over, Lawrencetown offers great shopping and amusement alternatives where you can put your Mastercards to great use. Keep in mind that with certain Mastercards like the Blue Sky charge card you could gain Blue Sky points that could be reclaimed with no travel confinements later on.

2-White water rafting in British Columbia

Partners of nature, experience, and water games will unquestionably make the most of their visit to British Columbia. The Kicking Horse River is one of the main spots in Canada for white water rafting. The region was found in the nineteenth century, and right up ’til the present time it remains a position of uncommon common excellence, known for the open doors the stream offers to water sports lovers.

A few organizations offer half-day white water rafting trips the Kicking Horse River. These treks normally keep going for 3–4 hours and incorporate an acclimatization session, rafting through the class 3 and 4 rapids, and lunch. Most organizations acknowledge reservations and installment online with the significant charge cards.

3-Kayaking in Ontario

Lake Ontario, the smallest of the five Great Lakes in North America, straddles the U.S. furthermore, Canadian border. Niagara Falls is toward one side of the lake, which measures around 193 miles by 53 miles. While the shoreline on the American side is generally undeveloped, the urban areas of Toronto and Hamilton on the Canadian side lie along the edge of the lake. Just the most experienced kayakers ought to endeavor to paddle on Lake Ontario. The lake has earned its notoriety for quickly changing climate and wave conditions that can make perilous circumstances. Search for shielded bays, shorelines, coves and internal harbors to investigate the lake’s shorelines. To make travelling easier and lightweight and to avoid high kayak rental costs, you can carry an inflatable kayak with you. Check out for more information on how you can do so.

4-Water skiing in Alberta

Because of its numerous lakes (normal and man-made), Alberta is a top-class destination for water skiing. A few competitions occur in the locale consistently, and the region around the North Saskatchewan River Valley is home to a prestigious water ski resort, which offers quality accommodation and water skiing lessons at all levels, including special programs dedicated for kids specifically.

Have fun with gambling in Canada

Another great reason to move to Canada is the fact that you can enjoy fun games like gambling without having to worry about staying legal.  Yes, you heard right, gambling is permitted everywhere in Canada.  There are however a few different rules and regulations that gambling companies has like casinos, lotteries and gaming organizations has to abide by and these rules can be different for different locations.  But gamblers like you can have a heap of fun in Canada without a care in the world.  You can enjoy person to person gambling games, casino gambling games, play lotto or join in on the fun at gaming organizations without ever getting into trouble.

Have fun with gambling in Canada

Gamble online

Online gambling is one of the best gambling platforms around.  With online gambling you get the same thrill of normal gambling only you can enjoy this type of gambling whenever you like because you can play from simple devices like a smartphone and tab without having to travel anywhere.

Bitcoin Casino is a must

Bitcoin is one of the most popular offshore banks in the world.  This offshore banking method enables people to shop internationally a lot easier than ever before.  In fact, you can even use your Bitcoins and enjoy online gambling by giving Bitcoin Casino a try.  Bitcoin Casino has quite a large variety of games to choose from and they are one of the few gambling companies that gives you access to Sportsbook games.

Bitcoin Blackjack – Blackjack is one of the most fun games to enjoy and when you play from Bitcoin Rush you get a balance of 1000 credits that you can use to get to know the game a bit better.  Bitcoin Blackjack is one of the best online games you can enjoy because this game is quick, fun and incredibly rewarding when you win.

Roulette – Bitcoin’s roulette game is incredibly realistic and incredibly easy to enjoy on just about any device.

Baccarat – You can also enjoy Bitcoin Bobcarat to see if you are lucky enough to win good cash.

Video Poker – This fantastic game enables you to play poker online with other individuals so you can have some fun even though you cannot get out of the house just now.

Hi-Lo – Bid high or low in Hi-Low and see if lady luck is on your side.

Bitcoin Sportsbook – Bitcoin Rush is one of the few online casinos that gives you access to sportsbook.  Sportsbook enables you to bet on the outcome of popular games like football, basketball, soccer, tennis and much more.

No need to leave your country to enjoy gambling

There is no need to leave your country and immigrate to Canada just so you can enjoy gambling.  Sure, moving to Canada is a terrific idea but gambling shouldn’t be your motivation.  The ability to start a new life should be what is convincing you.  You can still enjoy Bitcoin Rush games no matter where you are because Bitcoin is an international game that can be enjoyed from any location imaginable.

Improve Your Property Value before Selling For Your Move to Canada

Canada is beautiful, prospering and inviting.  This country have also been labeled the number one country to which you can relocate thanks to their high demand for professional skills and other benefits like beautiful scenery, plenty of resources, great economic growth and much more.  It is no wonder that you might be in a hurry to sell your home in Perth so you can start the immigration process.  But hold up just a few minutes before you sell because if you are too eager to sell, you could lose a lot of cash on your home sale.  A few home improvements will enable you to get a much higher price for your home so you can make a much smoother switch to Canada.

Improve Your Property Value before Selling For Your Move to Canada

Why security improvements is the best property value boost

Everyone wants to be safe and secure in their own homes.  Home safety is one of the biggest influences in the property market because people are much more likely to buy for safety instead of beauty of a home.  If your home has better safety systems you are much more likely to get a higher price for your property because new buyers will know that they are as safe as possible in your house.

Top security improvements you can make

Most people neglect security systems because of the cost of these systems. Buy security Austguard alarms Perth are now more affordable than ever before and they are surprisingly advanced.  When you insert one of these modern systems in a home, the residents don’t just get improved security.  They also get improved functionality since some of the systems make life so easy.  Here are the top safety improvements you can make right now;

A home intercom – The latest home intercom systems are fantastic. There are a wide range of intercoms systems to choose from and some of the most modern systems allow you to see who is at the door or front gate from your smartphone.  These intercoms also enable you to communicate with the person as well as watch what they are doing from the video.

CCTV system – These systems is a dream come true to any home owner.  With a CCTV system you can monitor four areas of your home on one screen.  These cameras are great for keeping an eye on the front yard, children’s play areas and all of the access points of your home such as the front and back door.  The CCTV systems are great for general functionality because families can keep an eye on pets, domestic workers, gardeners and children and they can see exactly where burglars are hiding out.

Alarm system – Alarm systems function with motion sensors and door sensors.  When the alarm system is activated, these system will automatically make a loud alarm to indicate that someone have been detected somewhere in the house or yard where they shouldn’t be. The alarm systems are also pet friendly and allow home owners to even keep large dogs like guard dogs without having these pets trigger the alarm.

Everything You Need to Start a Restaurant after You Immigrate

Once the immigration process is complete, you can begin setting your sights on the next part of your journey. And, for some, this involves getting everything ready to start the restaurant of your dreams. But, if you’ve never run a restaurant before, you might not know everything you need to get your dream off the ground. To help you get everything coordinated, here are some tips on what it takes.

Choose a Restaurant Style

Not all restaurants function the same way. In fact, they are typically divided into four primary styles:

  • Fast Food
  • Fast Casual
  • Casual Dining
  • Fine Dining

The style of restaurant you intend to operate actually dictates much about what needs to be handled to get the business off the ground, so it is important to choose your style fairly early in the process. Once you know the style you prefer, you can use that information to guide other aspects of the business, such as the menu and any hiring requirements.

Everything You Need to Start a Restaurant after You Immigrate

Even supplies like employee dress can be tied to style. For example, fast food workers may be fine in t-shirts, but fine dining cooks need more formal attire, such as the offerings from Chef Uniforms of Dallas.

Select a Food Concept

Next, you need to determine the food concept driving your restaurant. Often, this is another issue of style, including options such as steakhouse, family-style, or delicatessen, but also includes information about the background of the cuisine, such as the focus on a particular ethnicity, vegan/vegetarian, or seafood.

The food concept helps give potential customers an idea of what to expect before dining, helping them determine if your restaurant is the right destination for them.

Create a Business Plan

All businesses, restaurants included, need a business plan to help steer their actions. This includes companies that are entirely self-funded or those seeking funding from investors or banks. By writing a business plan, you are outlining how your restaurant will get off the ground as well as an understanding of the current market in your local area. It also defines leadership within the organization as well as any upper-level employees that may be hired to assist with operations.

Essentially, this is an overview of how you see the business operating from the beginning and into the first few years. However, it is also a document that can be revised should certain circumstances change.

Lock In a Location

You can’t have a restaurant without a suitable location. And, the location itself may help determine other options available to the business. For example, if the site has a smaller kitchen, you may need to design a menu that works well in the space instead of simply choosing whichever dishes you would prefer to offer. Additionally, it may control the volume of customers you can manage, the amount of ingredients you can store at one time, or even hours of operation.

Once your location is selected, you should be able to move forward with certain other tasks, like getting a suitable business license or other documentation required to operate a restaurant in the specific location.

Menu and Hiring

Now that the location is set, you can create your menu and begin hiring employees. These tasks may be managed simultaneously, as you may want the talents of your chefs to help steer the menu or may prefer to hire individuals based on their ability to execute your vision. Then, once everything is set, you can move forward with marketing and promoting your grand opening while your employees are being trained.

In the end, the goal is to open your restaurant at a point where you feel confident in everyone’s ability to do their jobs well. And, hopefully, with the right plan in place, you will have set yourself up for success.

Tips for travelling safely in the Kuwait desert

If you are planning a trip to Kuwait you might want to take a daytrip into the desert. A desert displays its own beauty. Some people love hiking but hiking in the desert is a different ball game that requires quite a bit of preparation and survival skill. Don’t bargain on the lush oasis that we see in the movies as those are few and far between. Kuwait has harsh conditions and you might need to travel there for work or for a holiday. You will find that it is incredibly hot and dry which might not be close to the conditions that you are used to. Read about a fire in the Kuwait desert here.

First of all you need to carry plenty of water with you. This is a crucial part of travelling through any desert. The biggest cause of death and illness in the desert is dehydration. One gallon of water per person per day is the minimum that you should have with you. Also before going on your hike make sure you are prepared. Tell someone where you are going and when you will be back so that if you run into troubles someone will be looking for you. It is in your best interest to stick to your itinerary because getting lost in this barren country won’t be ideal.

Tips for travelling safely in the Kuwait desert

Take a look at utility service truck from Offroad Trucks Australia if you are looking for heavy duty vehicles to complete work in the desert. You will be able to purchase incredibly high quality vehicles that can stand the test of time. It is as simple as requesting a quote. Whether you are going there for work or pleasure you should make sure that you are dressed correctly. It is suggested that you should wear light layered clothing in summer to minimize your chances of getting dehydrated. Good hiking shoes are incredibly important as your feet will be doing most of the work.

It is important to watch the sky and make sure you check for any winds. It is also a good idea to frequently listen to radio broadcasts so that you are informed of any changes in the weather. Just as hot as it gets during the day it gets cold at night so make sure you pack something for warmth. Avoid any canyons so that you don’t get stuck in a predicament. The important thing is to research as much as you can about hiking in the desert. Click here for more survival tips in the desert.

There are many ways to travel in the desert that include camel riding, offroad vehicles and hiking. If you are going there for the first time you should probably go with a guide or a tour group to avoid getting lost without a backup system. There are always guided tours that will lead you through this harsh environment. Get as much information as you can before attempting a solo hike so that you become a seasoned desert hiker.

The Best Hobby to Take Up When You Immigrate To Canada

Water sports are pretty popular in Canada.  Yes, with frequent snow fall during winter things can get pretty icy on the water but not for Canadians.  In fact, they still enjoy water sports just as much during winter because the cold doesn’t scare them at all.  It might take you a while to get used to the new climate, surroundings and way of life but you shouldn’t wait too long before starting on a good hobby because a fun sports hobby will keep you going, help you meet more people and keep you fit and active while you adapt to your new life.  One of the best and most fun hobbies to consider as soon as you get settled in this beautiful part is sup surfing or paddle boarding.

The Best Hobby to Take Up When You Immigrate To Canada

Why sup surfing is the next big thing

If the celebrities are doing a certain sport then you can probably count on a high rise in the popularity of that sport and lately a lot of famous individuals have been seen enjoying sups. But being popular probably shouldn’t inspire you to choose one activity above another.  What makes sup surfing the next big thing is the fact that this activity is really fun. You can enjoy sup surfing in the sea, on the ocean, on a lake, pond or even a river and have a blast instantly.  And because sups have suddenly boomed into one of the most popular sports there is, you can easily get your hands on the best and highest quality gear at the most affordable prices.

Inflatable sups for easy traveling & storing

One of the top things you can do when you kick start your new and exciting hobby is to invest in a high quality inflatable sup.  The inflatable sups are just as fantastic as paddle boards with one great exception.  They are easy!  You can store your sup easily because it folds into a tiny box and you can travel to any destination comfortably since the sup won’t take up much room in your vehicle.

Inflatable sups for fun wherever you go

The possibilities for fun activities with a sup are endless as long as you have a bit of water.  You can enjoy casual rowing down the stream, river rafting, launch reaching competitions with friends and fellow sup men and women and you will develop stronger muscles thanks to all of the exercise you will be getting while you are steering controlling your sup.

Find the best inflatable sup on the market

To find the Best inflatable SUP you can have a look at WavesChamp is a terrific buying guide where you can check out all of the pros and cons of each of the different sups and you can find information on kayaks, stand up paddle boards as well as some useful tips and hits on how to use, repair and maintain your sup.  These reviews and guides will help you find the most suitable sup as well as additional gear like paddles, pumps and carry bags.

Yes, There’s Fishing in Kuwait

American’s and Canadians alike seem to think that Kuwait, and other related Middle Easter countries, are mostly desert. And while that may actually be true, there are lakes, rivers, and streams all throughout that part of the world as well. So, yes, there’s fishing in Kuwait. And it may be time to take your leave of the Embassy of Kuwait for the sake of traveling there to experience the variety of fish species located within its borders.

But, don’t forget to get the best fish finder first. You will want to gather as many great fishing stories as possible while you are there. So, getting a fish finder that can help you locate the ideal places to drop anchor and line, will certainly add to the success of that endeavor. And, with the help of the people at OutdoorTricks, there’s no doubt you will get the best fishing, and other outdoor related gear, on the planet. So, without further ado, let’s learn a little more about fishing in Kuwait.

Yes, There’s Fishing in Kuwait

What to Expect

Kuwait’s fishing opportunities are infinitely greater than you probably ever anticipated. In fact, there are nearly 2000 lakes, streams, reservoirs, waterfalls, rivers, and other fishing locales to explore. Kuwait is quite close to water and therefore, offers a number of additional water sports adventures as well. Fishing does happen to be a favorite, especially since the varieties of fish are so vast:

  • Sharks- There are six different shark species available within the waters near Kuwait. Check this
  • Tuna– If you’d prefer one of these giants, there are four options.
  • Mackerel- Believe it or not, Kuwait has four different kinds of mackerel as well.
  • Barracuda and Rays– Take your pick of two species in each category.
  • Snappers
  • Soles
  • Breams
  • Catfish
  • Needlefish
  • Puffers
  • Flounders

A Family Affair

People who reside in Kuwait often view weekend fishing as a family affair. The methods in which they choose to seek out the perfect catch differs though. And, everyone is entitled to his/her own personal preferences. Here are some of the local favorites:

  1. Prominent Rocks– Individuals locate large rocks that jut out of the water in which they desire to fish. They use sophisticated poles with long casting distances.
  2. Piers– Some families would much prefer to employ simple rod and reel set ups and fish directly off local piers. Read this.
  3. Boats- Plenty of people enjoy boating. While out on the water, they will utilize trawls and multi-hooked lines to capture as many fish as possible.
  4. The Experts- Yes, indeed, Kuwait has many expert fishermen who will employ the use of their own home-made fishing equipment.

Where to Go

If Kuwait is not your home, but you are desirous of a great fishing experience, it seems obvious that you will be wondering where to go. While Kuwait has three major fishing fleets, you will find your own enjoyment at these locales:

Shore Fishing

Some fisherman prefer to keep their feet firmly planted on the ground. So, these shore based spots will suit your fancy:

  • Scientific Centre
  • Shouq Sharq (watch this)
  • Shuwaikh Beach
  • Ahmadi fishing spots
  • Kuwait’s south-east areas


If you still want to be on solid ground, but would like to be a little further out into the water, the Salmiyyah Fishing Piers will offer you a great time. They go about 49 feet out into the Arabian Gulf. Keep in mind that they are particularly busy during the weekend.

Fishing in Kuwait is sure to offer you many memories for years to come.