Some Safety Precautions to Take When Swimming

A lot of the drownings and deaths that occur are accidental and unexpected. People can be having the time of their lives while on vacation only to get their lives tragically cut short because of drowning. Even strong swimmers sometimes die because of being too confident about their capabilities. You should always know the proper safety precautions while swimming to keep yourself safe at all times.

It can help if you would wear the proper gear when you go swimming. For example, wearing a t-shirt and jeans will weigh you down and will make you slower when swimming because the clothes will absorb water. You will find it harder to swim especially if you are trying to swim to safety. Aside from the usual swimming attire, make sure to get yourself a waterproof swim cap. This can keep the hair from your face so you will be able to see clearly and navigate towards the right direction.

Some Safety Precautions to Take When Swimming
Some Safety Precautions to Take When Swimming

You can also wear goggles so that you can see clearly underwater or better yet, have the right snorkeling gear so that you can stay close to the surface while breathing through your mouth. It will allow you to see the underwater world when you are swimming in salt water.

These are the things that you ought to do when you go swimming:

  1. Do not overestimate your capabilities. Even if you have taken swimming lessons before, the real situation will be different from what you were taught. There are certain things that you cannot control and you may end up struggling to catch your breath.
  2. Always avoid rip tides. Even if you are unfamiliar with the place, you should know how to determine if there is a rip tide or not. A rip tide may be characterized by a darker color or at least, a different color from the rest of the body of water. You would also see that there is a break in the usual flow of water. Avoid rip tides at all costs especially since it would be hard to get rid of one. Most people are unable to survive being sucked underwater by a rip tide.
  3. Be aware if there are some predators in the area. A lot of people are afraid of sharks and if sharks are provoked, there is a reason to be afraid. Sharks normally do not get attracted to people unless they are provoked.
  4. Check if there is a lifeguard. There are some resorts that are very careful about their guests’ safety. A lifeguard will give you extra protection while you are swimming but make sure to not become too confident about it otherwise, you may end up hurting yourself.

There are so many people who lose their lives because of swimming and not being aware of the safety precautions mentioned above. You do not want to end up being one of the casualties especially if you are on vacation. Follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy your next trip.

How to Have the Best Vacation

You already know that vacations are always great as long as you know what to do. Do you know that you can improve your vacation further if you know some tips and strategies? There are some vacations that are so great that you do not want to go home already because you were able to fully relax and have fun and yet there are also some vacations that you would be glad to be over.

How to Have the Best Vacation
How to Have the Best Vacation

You would like to come back from your vacation fully refreshed but how you are going to do that?

  1. You may want to plan the things you are going to do.

Some people may think that planned vacations are boring but planning your vacation will allow you to make the most out of the place that you would visit. You can plan the activities that will be most fun for you and it will give you pleasure because you can choose the things that you will do. This is one reason why team building seminars are not as fun as vacations. It is because you are forced to do things you do not particularly like.

  1. You may want to experience more vacations rather than pick a vacation that you can only go to once in a lifetime.

You may be planning and saving for that trip to Europe for almost 2 years and you have given up on mini vacations throughout those 2 years. It may seem fun while you are there but it will not be as fulfilling as taking as many vacations as you can. You cannot let your lack of budget stop you from having fun.

  1. You can do things that are new to you.

It is okay to go back to a place that you have thoroughly enjoyed before but it might be best to go and explore a whole new different place. Adults have the tendency to stick to routines because this works for them but do you wonder why things passed by slowly when you were younger? It is because you were always looking for new adventures. You were always game for doing new things. As you grow older, you become more aware of the risks and you do not have the same fervor for life as you did before. You can start thinking like a kid again and starts looking for things that can make you feel amazing.

If you have never tried kayaking before, now is the time for you to do it. You can choose to kayak in different bodies of water as long as the right kayak is available. This blog post explains details about how you can enjoy your first ever kayaking adventure. After the first experience, you will find yourself looking forward to more kayaking adventures in the long run.

  1. Make sure that you will also have time to do things that relax you while on vacation.

Do you feel the happiest whenever you are walking on the beach with the one that you love? Make sure that you will have time to do this activity while you are on vacation. You can also socialize more with the people that you are with and just have fun with them. It will help you forget about the things that are causing you to feel stressed about life.

With all of these things that you can do while on vacation, you can improve your chances of enjoying your time away from your responsibilities. Hopefully, the tips mentioned above will help you on your next vacation

How to Buy a Car in Ontario, Canada, as an Immigrant

Moving to a new country can be quite a challenge for anyone. There is the fact that you’re going to a new place where you probably know nobody, need to look for a new house, look for work, new schools for the kids, get a new car, and a host of other things. It can get quite overwhelming if one was not prepared for it. To make things a little easier for you that are in the process of immigrating to Canada, we are going to discuss how to buy a car in Ontario, Canada, as an immigrant.

What Documents Do I Need to Buy a Car?

There are three documents that an immigrant will need in order to legally own a car in Ontario, and they are as listed below:

  • Ontario driver’s license
  • A valid car insurance policy
  • And your vehicle registration

Driver’s License

There is the possibility of exchanging your old license with an Ontario driver’s license depending on your home country and how much driving experience you have. Those that can’t get it exchanged, can get credit based on their driving experience. Supporting documentation will be needed as follows: acceptable identification, your Canadian Citizenship card, your foreign driver’s license, and an original and official abstract document or letter. The abstract should be at least 6 months old with the following information:

  • Letterhead, logo, emblem, coat of arms, or symbol from the authority that issued your license
  • Your legal name and date of birth
  • The date you first got your license
  • Your driver’s license number, class, current status (active or expired) and expiry date
  • The date the abstract, letter or document was created

Car Insurance

A driver’s license is a must before you can get car insurance in Ontario, after which one will provide documents and information as follows:

  • The driver’s license number for all that will use the car
  • The make, model, mileage and registration number of the vehicle you want to insure
  • Certificate of any driver’s education or safe driving completed in the last 3 years (optional if you want a better insurance rate)

Vehicle Registration

Registering the vehicle with the government of Ontario is a must in order to own it, and the following will be needed:

  • Your driver’s license and the 15-digit registrant identification number (RIN) on it
  • Proof of a valid and current insurance policy
  • Certificate of sale and ownership (pink slip)
  • License plate number

Dealerships will usually file the registration for the vehicles bought there. In the event that the vehicle is a used vehicle, the following will be needed: Used Vehicle Information Package (UVIP), Safety Standards Certificate, and Drive Clean Emissions Test.

How to Buy a Car in Ontario, Canada, as an Immigrant
How to Buy a Car in Ontario, Canada, as an Immigrant

Best Honda Accord Tires of 2017

Assuming that you finally own the vehicle, you’ll want to ensure that it has all the best parts and accessories so that it can give you the best driving experience throughout your time with it. That is why we are now going to go ahead and look at the best Honda Accord tires of 2017, a real help for all Honda Accord owners out there. If you would like more information, you can view here, and below is a list of the tires:

  • The Cooper CS5
  • The Continental PureContact
  • Continental ExtremeContact DWS
  • Yokohama AVID ENVigor Tire
  • General AltiMAX HP
  • Goodyear Assurance ComforTred Touring
  • Bridgestone Potenza RE970AS Pole Position
  • The Michelin Primacy MXM4
  • The Goodyear Eagle Sport
  • The Michelin Premier A/S


Buying a car in a foreign country can be a tricky thing, but if you’re in Ontario, Canada, you might want to consider the points above. In the event that the car of your choice is a Honda Accord, the tires mentioned above are the best for the car, that you can find on the market.

Different Ways to Decorate Your House in Kuwait

Kuwait is a beautiful place with warm summers and mild winters. If you are thinking of moving to this country, you should know about the different things you can do there. The people are very nice, and countless foreigners have already moved there. As a new individual living in Kuwait, you might not adjust at first. You have to busy yourself in the daily tasks to get to know how things are done there. One of these tasks can be to decorate your new house. House decoration would take you to the market, make you interact with locals, and keep you busy.

Different Ways to Decorate Your House in Kuwait
Different Ways to Decorate Your House in Kuwait

Wall Art

Wall art looks beautiful in every type of house. Whether you are living in an apartment, a two-story building, a single portion, or a grand mansion, buying wall artwork is necessary. There are various types of wall arts. Canvas wall art is very popular in Kuwait, as it is not affected by the weather. You can hang it near a window, and it will remain as good as new. The various colors and designs that come with this type make your whole house vibrant. Then we have oil paintings. Oil paintings also add a unique touch to your house. They make the room come to life and an edge to it. There are other forms of wall art to buy as well. Select a theme for your house and then set every room according to that theme. Be very smart when it comes to wall art because if you make one mistake, it can destroy your new house.


When you move to a new place, there is no doubt you feel homesick for a while. To reduce this homesickness, you can decorate your house by putting photographs here and there. You will have numerous options to choose from and framing the photographs would keep them safe as well. There are different kinds of frames popular nowadays. You can get these at reasonable rates from any shop. How you place them on the walls is entirely up to you. Ensure you do not overdo it. Sometimes a lot of photographs covering the walls can get a bit overwhelming. Moreover, finding the balance is must. Photos make your whole house look homely, and you can feel a sense of belonging when you are done with the decoration.


Many of you might not perceive this, but adding various lights to your house in a strategic manner can be a way of decorating the house. Lamps, bulbs, and fairy lights play a significant role in giving your house a finished touch. If you like more light, you can add ceiling bulbs and lamps in every room of your home. If you like low light and shadows, you can use fairy lights on the walls or low watt bulbs. Either way, your house will look very artistic when you are done decorating it.

Use of furniture

Furniture plays a superb role in decorating the house and making it cozy. If you are having a tough time adapting to the new place, you should buy furniture that is comfortable and the one you are used to seeing in your old home. However, if you are ready for a change, go for the latest designs to make your whole house appear modern. There are a lot of brands and places in Kuwait for buying trendy furniture.

Choosing The Best Camera Backpack for Your Trips to Canada

Just as you may have invested in your camera, it is worth investing in a camera backpack. The right bag will make sure that your DSLR and your camera gear are safe and you can conveniently carry them around while you are traveling to Canada. There is however no right or wrong when it comes to camera bags, you just have to know what to look out for when you are looking for a camera bag. Some of the factors to consider when looking for a camera bag include:

Choosing The Best Camera Backpack for Your Trips to Canada
Choosing The Best Camera Backpack for Your Trips to Canada

Material used

Camera bags can be made from different types of materials. They can be either be made from natural fibers such as canvas and leather or made from artificial fiber such as nylon. Different brands have different preferences in terms the material used. Normally mot brands prefer artificial fiber as compared to natural fibers since they are more light weight and water resistance.


A bag that is padded will give your bag an extra layer of protection which will help to make sure that your lenses are well protected. A lot of padding however will contribute to its weight which will make it relatively heavier. Padding will also make sure that it is more rigid and water resistant. In some cases the camera bag may not be very water resistant but may come with a waterproof cover that you can pull over to cover the bag in case it rains.

Size of the bag

Camera bags come in different sizes and that will depend on your need as an individual. If you have a camera and additional lenses you might consider getting a bigger bag. In some cases you might need to carry a tripod and that might make you consider getting a bigger bag. The size will basically depend on the kind of gear you have and the kind of photography that you plan to do.


The comfort of a bag is a key factor to consider when looking for a camera bag. Well the main purpose people buy camera bags is for more convenience and comfort and thus there is nothing as bad as getting a bag that does not give you the kind of comfort that you are looking for.

The other important factor to consider when looking for a camera backpack is the user reviews. Many positive reviews mean that many clients enjoyed the product and thus it is a good product. When it comes to the cost, there are bags across different budgets and hence a bag can either be cheap or expensive, this will depend on the quality of the bag the size and the brand. You have to keep that in mind. With the internet, the best small camera backpack can easily be found. You can also do comparisons online to be able to choose the best. Basically that is how easy it is to find the best camera backpack as the difference between good and bad is a thin line.

Finding a Personal Trainer in Kuwait

There are a lot of people right now who would like to lose weight but they do not know where they should begin. Whether you are too busy with your job or you have lost interest in taking good care of your body because of your past experiences, you can always start again. One of the best ways to start losing weight and to start becoming healthy is by hiring a personal trainer.

Personal trainers will not only help you in doing the various exercises that you are meant to accomplish throughout the day, you may also be given some inside information about the right supplements you can take in order to boost your energy while exercising. You can find the right supplement and you will be recommended to take it before you work out. There are also some supplements that are best taken while working out. Get to know the various supplements first and when you should take them to get the best results.

Finding a Personal Trainer in Kuwait
Finding a Personal Trainer in Kuwait

If in case toy are still not convinced why you should hire a personal trainer once you already in Kuwait, think about how you used to exercise when you were still from your first country. Did you exercise on your own? Were you able to do it effectively? Your answers to these questions will let you realize why you need to hire a personal trainer soon.

These are just some of the benefits you can get:

  1. Your personal trainer will keep you motivated. Try exercising on your own. In the beginning, you are going to be all happy about it and you would just follow the routine that you have chosen but if you do not see instant results, you are going to be less motivated about it. You would start to feel bad. There is a big possibility that you will not continue anymore.
  2. You will be allowed to improve your skills. If you would exercise on your own, you do not know for sure if you are doing things correctly. What if you are not? You may end up hurting yourself and you are also increasing your chances of getting injured.
  3. You will make sure that every workout counts. When you do exercises on your own, you tend to make some shortcuts so you will be done faster. With the help of a personal trainer, you will be required to do the exercises the way that you are supposed to.
  4. You will be introduced to new equipment. There are different machines that are available in the market and it is hard to pick when you do not know what you are searching for. A personal trainer will give recommendations and if you like the recommendations, you can purchase your own.
  5. You get to learn new exercises. There are various exercises that you can do but some of them will not work for you. Be sure about what you want to get from the exercises so that you will be taught the right exercises.

With all of these reasons, you can be convinced that you need a trainer to help you to achieve your fitness goals in Kuwait.

How Hiking Is Good for Body and Mind

Hiking is something that is very important for people and a great experience for those that are visiting or have just moved to Canada. It presents the perfect opportunity for people to visit and explore new places within Canada. In this article, we are going to discuss how hiking is good for the body and mind. These should be reason enough for you to go on that hiking expedition as soon as you move to Canada.

Hiking is the perfect exercise for a cardio workout, helping the body in the following ways:

  • Reduces the rate of heart disease
  • Improves blood pressure and blood sugar levels
  • It boosts bone density through walking as an exercise
  • Strengthens glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and the muscles in the hips and lower legs
  • Strengthen the core
  • Improves balance
  • Helps in weight control
  • It boosts the mood, reducing stress and anxiety

Finding The Best Hunting Boots

Whenever people go hiking, it is important for them to use proper hiking boots depending on where they are going to hike. These will make them feel more comfortable during the hike, some even optimized for harsh weather and terrains. We are now going to review some of the best hiking boots that can be found on the market.

How Hiking Is Good for Body and Mind

Best Under Amour Hunting Boots

Winner: Under Armor H.A.W Hunting Boot

These are waterproof rubber/ Neoprene boots that are lightweight and comfort with tall, dry protection. They come complete with insulation for cool conditions, while a technical air mesh lining increases airflow, minimizing the moisture content. It comes with internal heel lock memory foam forms to the feet, ensuring that they fit snugly. The boots also come with high-abrasion rubber outsole that provides grip in mud and dirt, while high-abrasion rubber toe caps ensure that there is ultimate protection. The insole is made of OrthoLite that has extra arch support and antimicrobial performance.

Runner Up: Under Armor Speed Freek Hunting Boot

These boots are waterproof, come with a breathable membrane construction, and have UA scent control with Cupron anti-bacterial copper infused lining. They are made of suede leather and textile complete with upper ccratch rubber toe and heel cap for added protection. An anti-microbial Ortholite sock liner ensures extra arch support and antimicrobial performance.

Best Danner Hunting Boots

Winner: Danner Men’s Sierra Hunting Boot

These are boots that come with high quality craftsmanship that focuses on comfort and durability. They are made a blend of full grain waterproof leather and 1000 denier Cordura that protect the boots from abrasions, scratches, and scuffs.

Runner Up: Danner Men’s Pronghorn Hunting Boot

These boots come in two different patterns and are made of a dual texture design, giving it the camo and leather. The boots also come with an all leather toe cap and heel for extra protection. The boots material comes with qualities such as waterproof and windproof. The downside of these boots is that they are a little too bulky for some users, although this could actually be a pro to others.

Best Irish Setter Hunting Boots

Winner: Irish Setter Elk Tracker Boot

These boots come equipped with moisture wicking nylon lining. They have lacing that is removable to prevent the brush from being caught in the laces. The comfortable foot bed is made from memory foam and odor inhibitor. There is a carbon rubber outsole with an aggressive tread design and sticky rubber broad head and multi-directional traction lugs. The boots are fully waterproof and insulated, thanks to the Gore-Tex linings and 1000g Thinsulate.

Runner Up: Irish Setter Wing Tracker Boot

This boots were manufactured with style, comfort, and performance in mind. It comes with a waterproof leather upper with moisture-wicking nylon linings. The boots also feature a shock-absorbing EVA foot bed, and Goodyear welt construction for premium stability and durability.

Best LaCrosse Hunting Boots

Winner: LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro

This is an affordable pair of boots coupled with great features.


  • Neoprene/Rubber
  • Imported
  • Lug Sole sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 16″ from arch
  • Boot opening measures approximately 16″ around
  • Hand-laid premium rubber over a 3.5mm neoprene core for flexible, waterproof, scent-free comfort
  • Embossed liner increases air circulation inside the boot, wicks moisture and is quick drying

Runner Up: LaCrosse Men’s Aerohead

This hunting boot is made from neoprene and imported rubber materials for durability and resistance, even on the most extreme terrains. It has AeroForm technology for improving the flexibility and insulation of the boot, giving the user ultimate comfort for longer periods. The cushioned mid-sole ensures support and stability.


  • PU/ Neoprene
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately 17″ from arch
  • Waterproof tall boot with camo-print shaft featuring adjustable back gusset with strap and traction outsole
  • AeroForm technology for flexibility and insulation
  • Injected PU cushioned midsole
  • Integrated shanks for support and stability

Best Women’s Hunting Boots

Winner: Lacrosse Alphaburly Pro

These are waterproof women’s boots that come with a personalized fit and guaranteed comfort. They are made with a natural rubber compound and an adjustable neoprene gusset, allowing for increased flexibility and stability. They can withstand extreme heat and cold conditions, and also come with shock absorption.

Runner Up: Muck Boot Woody Max

This is the perfect women’s boot for a hunting excursion. It is comfortable, the Achilles overlay adding to the protection when on long treks.


  • 100% Rubber
  • Made in the USA or Imported
  • EVA molded midsole with contoured foot bed
  • 2mm thermal foam underlay added to the instep area for additional warmth
  • Achilles overlay provides added protection for long treks in the woods


The next time that you are in Canada, you might want to consider taking on one of their many hiking excursions. You can go to national parks, mountains, or other hunting spots for the ultimate experience. Just make sure that you’re wearing the right type of boot for the best results. The reviews above will help you to find the perfect hunting boots for your next hiking excursion.

Life Vests Soon To Be Mandatory In Canada

One of the biggest challenges of moving from one country to another is to get used to the different way of doing things.  Laws can differentiate a lot from country to country and even from state to state.  If you are busy with your immigration process then the last thing you want is a criminal record when you were ignorant about a certain law.  A criminal record tied to your name will without a doubt affect your ability to gain citizenship and could mean that you will have to go back to where you come from.  The best way to avoid a mess like this is by playing it safe by staying up to date on the latest laws and rules.  If you love kayaking, fishing, boating, sailing or any other watery sport in Canada then you should probably take note of the latest news on life vests.

Life Vests Soon To Be Mandatory In Canada

What is a life vest?

A life vest is also called a life jacket and can even be referred to as a personal flotation device (PFD).  A life vest is basically a vest that keeps you afloat in the water so you won’t sink or drown. Life vests were used as early as 1804 and were made of cork back then.  The modern life vest is much different, lighter and easier to use.  There are various different types of vests available for people of all shapes, sizes, and children and even for pets.  You can have a look at the best live vest on Lifevesthub.  This is a terrific site that can give you all the info you will ever need on life vests.

Life jackets are required by law

It is required by law to have a life jacket.  All boaters are required to have at least one life jacket or floatation device on board for each and every passenger or crew member that ventures onto the boat. At present the Canadian law doesn’t enforce boaters to wear these life jackets.  They should simply be on board of the boat and there should be enough life jackets for everyone.

Life vests are mandatory for some sports

All children should wear a life jacket at all times whenever they venture onto deep waters or a boat.  The Canadian law also requires that life jackets are to be worn for certain sports like water skiing, on jet skis and more.

Soon to be mandatory by all boaters

It is rumored that the law on life vests is soon to change.  Where boaters only had to have life vests on board they and all passengers might soon have to wear these vests at all times whenever venturing onto the waters.

Life vests are always a good idea

Even if you are free to venture onto a boat without a life vest it just isn’t a good idea.  Accidents happen fast and even the best swimmers can drown when panic alters their ability to think rationally or whenever they are too far from shore to make it out.  A good life vest is always a good idea to keep yourself and family members as safe as possible while you are having fun.

How to Choose The Right Cargo Box for Your Trips

Most cars are not made in such a way that they have enough space for all our cargo. This makes most people to struggle with where to put their additional items. Luckily with the many innovations going on, there are now cargo boxes that have come to the rescue of that problem. Cargo boxes are especially very necessary for frequent travelers who need an extra storage for their stuff. Normally, most cargo boxes are installed at the roof of the car to make sure you can take all you want and they are still safe. Since there are many cargo boxes in the market, it is mandatory that one know what to look out for so that they can get the right cargo box for their needs. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a cargo box include:

How to Choose The Right Cargo Box for Your Trips

Type of storage

There are different types of cargo box storage. There is the long and lean type and there is the short and compact type. A cargo box such as the Thule Pulse cargo box should be able to suit your needs better.

Frequency of use

The frequency of usage will determine which will be the right cargo box for you. If you are planning to use it very often then you would rather go for strong and durable material so that it can serve you longer. There are some boxes that are easier to mount than others. If you don’t plan to use the cargo box often, then going for a cargo box that is not easy to mount is just fine as you won’t need to mount and unmount often.  On the other hand if you plan to use it often it would be better to go for a cargo box that is easy to mount. The frequency of use will also influence the kind of handle the box has. Some boxes have handles that are easy to handle while for others it is complicated. It is therefore important to consider that.

Size of the box

Cargo boxes come in different sizes and there is no right or wrong size, it basically depends on your needs. If you travel with a lot of stuff then you would have to go for a cargo box with a big storage. On the other hand if you are not sure you can go for just a standard size. Most cargo boxes come in a standard size.

As much as many shoppers worry about the cargo box affecting the gas mileage, the truth is that it has no effect on the gas mileage. So you should not worry about that.  Before committing to buy, it is important to do a vast research and comparisons to make sure that you end up with the right one. Reading reviews of other users is also important as it will help you avoid mistakes that were made by other users and help you make an informed choice.

Bringing Your Pet into Kuwait

Kuwait does not isolate dogs and cats that meet the following prerequisites. If you are immigrating to Kuwait and are not willing to leave your dog back home, there are some things you need to be mindful about.

Bringing Your Pet

  1. Pet Microchip

Your pet must be microchipped with an ISO 11784/11785 compliant pet microchip that is 15 digits long and non-encoded. On the off chance that your pet’s microchip isn’t ISO compliant, you can look into bringing your own particular microchip scanner. Your pet’s microchip number must be appeared on all documentation.

  1. Vaccinations

Your pet must be vaccinated for rabies between 30 days and a year preceding entering Kuwait.

  1. Rabies Titer Test

A rabies titer test isn’t required to enter Kuwait from any nation.

  1. Import Permit

To enter Kuwait with your pet, you should get an Import Permit from the Authority for Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources (PAAAFR).

  1. Health Certificate

Within 10 days of travel, a USDA (or CFIA) certify veterinarian should complete the Veterinary Certificate for Kuwait for underwriting by the USDA or CFIA if going from the United States or Canada. On the off chance that you are not going from both of these nations, the organization in charge of the import and export of animals in your nation ought to endorse the forms.

  1. Ticks and Tapeworm Treatment

A ticks and tapeworm treatment isn’t required preceding entering Kuwait however is prescribed because of availability of these items in the nation.

  1. Entering Kuwait via Air

Pets may enter Kuwait by means of Kuwait International Airport in Farwaniya. Pets can touch base in the lodge, as checked baggage or even as air cargo. Note that no live animals can be imported to Kuwait from Iraq. Just a single dog or cat per person can enter Kuwait unless returning with an export certificate.

Every single domestic dog and cat must be free of evidence of illness transmittable to people when inspected at the entry air terminal. In the event that your dog or cat isn’t in evidently good health, advance examination by an authorized veterinarian might be required to your detriment.

At whatever point your pet goes to a foreign country like Kuwait, it is better to carry some type of ID showing ownership of your pet.

  1. Puppies and Kittens

Puppies and kittens must be inoculated for rabies no sooner than 3 months and wait for 21 days after vaccination to enter Kuwait. It is also recommended that when travelling with your puppies or kittens, they must be kept clean and smelling good. We recommend dog shampoos from flawless kennels which are specifically designed to suit your dog’s hair and keep it silky, smooth and clean at all times!

  1. Restricted Breeds

The accompanying types of dogs or their crosses are prohibited from entering Kuwait – Pitbulls, Staff Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Mastiffs (all breeds), American Bulldogs, Rottweiler, Tosa Inu, Wolf or any canine crossed with a Wolf, Great Dane, Dog de Burdeaux, Shar Pei, or Canary Dogs.