The Best Hotels For Hosting a Wedding In Kuwait

Moving to a new place is hard as it is. On top of that, arranging a wedding in a whole new place can be a very cumbersome task. If you’ve just recently moved to Kuwait and are already planning your wedding there, it’s probable that the first thing you’ll do is look for a venue. Luckily, Kuwait has some of the best and top-notch hotels that will help fulfill all your wedding dreams with awesome food and groovy dance-floors.

If you’re wondering what the best hotels are in Kuwait that could make for awesome wedding venues, continue reading below!

The Best Hotels For Hosting a Wedding In Kuwait

The Regency Kuwait:

The Regency Hotel in Kuwait is one of the best places for weddings, as it offers immense dance floors for extensive quantities of wedding guests.

In case you’re anticipating having a major wedding, The Regency Hotel offers you Al Maha and Al Fatooh dance halls which can accommodate more than 800 wedding guests, with a dance floor, and no round tables, for the individuals who need to include round tables, the dance halls take around 600 wedding guests.

Sheraton Kuwait:

Sheraton Kuwait’s dance floors cover all your wedding needs, ranging from sound systems to light systems. The hotel offers 3 astonishing wedding halls, The Diamond Ballroom, The Coral Ballroom, and The Crystal Ballroom. The hotel additionally offers nearby wedding planners who will help you plan your dream wedding for you. On the other hand, if you’re not someone who trusts wedding planners and want to do all of the planning by yourself, then the wedding checklist will come in handy for you. It covers all wedding-related areas and will make sure you don’t forget anything while planning the wedding you have always wanted to have. It’s only a click away, and trust us, it will definitely be worth it!

JW Marriot Hotel Kuwait City:

Regardless of whether you need a traditional or a modern-to wedding, the group at J W Marriot is ready to make all your wedding dreams come true. The dance halls have up to 450 wedding guests situated on round tables, and 700 with no round tables.

Jumeirah Messilah Beach Hotel and Spa:

This dazzling beach resort in Kuwait has cutting edge banqueting facilities which makes it out as the ideal place for weddings. The centerpiece is the immense, and marvelously beautiful wedding hall, including 1950 square meters and a private marriage suite.

Hilton Kuwait Resort:

The Hilton is one of the best hotels in Kuwait which is known for its exquisite wedding setting. Al Durra is a modern wedding hall equipped with all the fancy wedding equipment. The organizers at the hotel will help you with providing the food and other wedding needs that you might have.

Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait:

The hotel is situated at the heart of Salimiya, and is a standout amongst the most wonderful hotels in Kuwait. The dance hall has a very modern layout and extremely alluring stylistic theme, with precious stone crystal fixtures making it an impeccable wedding setting in Kuwait.

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