A Guide to Buying Genuine Cuban Cigars in Kuwait

As cigars have recaptured fame as of late, the quantity of spots where you can purchase true, top quality Cuban cigars has expanded. If you live in Kuwait, there are numerous steps that you can take to ensure that you purchase nothing but high quality cigars from the best vendors. Luckily, you don’t need to be a cigar devotee to have the capacity to differentiate between the real thing and a dull knock off. All you require is a sharp eye, a little preparatory research and the capacity to spot flaws in sub-par items.

A Guide to Buying Genuine Cuban Cigars in Kuwait
A Guide to Buying Genuine Cuban Cigars in Kuwait

Only purchase Cuban cigars from authorized vendor. While hunting down a place to purchase legitimate Cuban cigars, look at the storefront to check whether or not they’re authorized to sell Cuban tobacco items. Top-level brands like Habanos, Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta will quite often be found in top of the line stores, not on a shaky comfort store rack. Now and again, vendors will offer certificates of authenticity and other documentation that what they’re selling is legitimate. You’ll infrequently discover Cuban cigars with esteemed brand names in a bodega, snappy stop or trinket shop. Search out organizations that spend significant time in fine tobacco.

Consider your area. Generally speaking, the further you are from Cuba (except for the United States), the more improbable you are to discover genuine Cuban cigars. Tobacco is one of Cuba’s top exports, however because of long-standing bans and embargoes on Cuban items, the odds of finding an authentic Montecristo or Bolivar in a faraway place is thin. Having said that, there are numerous authentic vendors in Kuwait who sell authentic Cuban cigars. You just need to have the right eye to find them. Moreover, when you find the right vendor, you’ll see that he’ll be very knowledgeable and will guide you more about important things like how to cut a cigar, how to light a car and how to store cigars in a humidor.

Never purchase cigars in the city or out of somebody’s home. As a visitor, you ought to never purchase a cigar being sold by somebody on the beach, at a road booth or out of somebody’s apartment. These are quite often fakes. At times, laborers who roll the cigars at the processing plants will offer impersonations advertised as the genuine article, however these are filled and moved with extra pieces of tobacco, and can be dangerous or even unsafe to smoke. Stick to tobacco stores offering authorized merchandise, or places like hotels that often act like official vendors. Similarly, as you wouldn’t hope to purchase a genuine Rolex from somebody with a cover of watches laid out on the walkway, you ought to be incredulous of cigars being passed off as authentic in questionable areas or spots where tourist activity is high.

Search for stores close to the production line. Most cigar processing plants will have stores close-by that sell their items, if not inside the manufacturing plants themselves. This is the best place to begin looking. While you’ll have the capacity to discover genuine cigars evading around the manufacturing plants where they’re moved, there will likewise be plenty of fakes. Hence, you’ll additionally need to figure out how to spot counterfeit individual cigars yourself.

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