Preparing for the Heat Summer Travel in Kuwait

Unless you currently live in a desert area, the summer heat in Kuwait can be quite a shock to the system.  If you are looking for ways to prepare your body for the heat, as well as tips on how to be more comfortable overall, consider the following points before you book your trip.

Time Your Trip Well

If you have the option of when you will be traveling, try to avoid the period from mid-May through September, when the average daily high temperature is often well above 100°F, or approximately 38°C, especially if you are from cooler areas of the world, such as northern Europe and Canada.  While the temperatures may not sound unbearable, it can make participating in certain outdoor activities more challenging when you are not used to it.

Preparing for the Heat Summer Travel in Kuwait

Get In Shape

One way to make the heat more manageable is to make sure you are in the best shape possible.  This can be done by making sure your daily fruit and vegetable intake is high, possible switching various green smoothie recipes into your diet instead of other cold treats like milkshakes, lowering your intake of added sugars, and avoiding overly processed foods.

Additionally, take the time to exercise to increase your cardiovascular endurance while also potentially burning excess stores fat.  With a lower body fat percentage, you may feel cooler than you would otherwise, and participating in cardiovascular training may help your body manage better regardless of the surrounding temperature.  Even if your trip is only going to involve mild to moderate physical activities and not the extremes you may see on other worldly adventures, like the Stairway to Heaven Hawaii climb, improving your fitness level can help your body manage the stress of the higher temperatures more efficiently.

Dress Appropriately

The way you dress can make a notable difference in your level of comfort.  While many people assume less is more in higher temperatures, protecting your skin from direct sunlight can actually be more beneficial than leaving it exposed.  Additionally, while Kuwait does not have an official dress code per se, local customs imply more conservative attire choices may be more appropriate for the culture.

For example, you may benefit from wearing a long sleeve shirt made of a breathable material, such as cotton, instead of a tank top made of something synthetic.   Additionally, a wide brim hat can provide you with a level of shade around your head, face and shoulders, and loose cotton pants can help keep you cooler while also allowing any sweat to dry quickly instead of being trapped in the fabric.

It is also important to note that, even if the days are quite warm, the nights can be chilly by comparison.  If you plan on being out at night, consider bringing a jacket, scarf, and other potential layering items to help you hold in body heat.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen

Regardless of how covered your skin may be, it is always important to adequately cover yourself with sunscreen.  While cotton shirts and pants will protect you from harmful UV rays to a degree, not all UV rays are blocked by thinner fabrics.  In order to prevent a sunburn, and the potential consequences associated with skin burns over time, make sure an use an appropriate sunscreen across your entire body, face included.