Finding The Right Book Keeper

A book keeper is needed in every business. Basically records are needed for every transaction to keep track of your cash flow. You need records of sales, all expenses and salaries among many others. As much as you can do it on your own, most people find it hectic as they don’t have book keeping skills. There are some companies that prefer to outsource that work but there are those who prefer to hire a book keeper. There are also companies that prefer to just stick with accountants though hiring a book keeper is much better. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for a bookkeeper include:

Finding The Right Book Keeper
Finding The Right Book Keeper

Understanding your needs

Before you go ahead to hire a book keeper, you first have to define your needs so that you may be able to know what to look for. Some of the things that you should keep in mind when looking for a book keeper include: what kind of business you have, the number of transactions you do, the type of accounting software you use, the salary payment methods you use and your payroll dates among many others.

A consultant or a Firm

When you are looking for a book keeper, you will notice that there are those that work independently as consultants while there are those that work in a book keeping firm. You should therefore make up your mind if you need a consultant or a firm. This will be influenced by many factors for example if you have a big firm going for a full time employee may work out well. It all depends on your needs.


As much as the online scene has changed everything, it is still good to consider the location of the book keeper. You can get a local bookkeeper who can get the job done well. As much as you may be using online accounting software hence you can share data remotely, it would still help if you are dealing with a book keeper that you can personally meet from time to time.


Referrals help a great deal as they give you confidence to know who you are dealing with. Referrals you can ask from people from your network including social networks such as LinkedIn. You can also check on several sites that specialize on reviews such as Yelp.


When looking for a book keeper, it is good to check the kind of experience they have and their credibility. You should especially be keen if you plan on the book keeper also working as an accountant. It is also worth checking their credibility and qualifications such as the relevant certifications just to be sure you are not dealing with a quack. If possible ask if they have experience with people who are in the same field as you.

Finding the right book keeper just like anything else requires due diligence. You will probably have to interview several candidates before you settle on one.