Seen The Unseen In Canada This Summer

Summer arrives in Canada for the second last week of June and ends in September. Summers calls out for an outdoor activity, and the weather becomes warm and sunny. Snow melts down from the mountains offer some beautiful scenery and landscapes in several places in Canada and for a good reason. An individual who loves to explore nature and wanderlust, the best time of the year has arrived for him to experience the beautiful summer, here are the places to add on your list to visit in Canada:

Seen The Unseen In Canada This Summer

  • John’s, Newfoundland

Summer brings the best in Newfoundland and all the best things you can’t even imagine meanwhile you will notice the clean and fresh sea breezes, not to mention the people you will meet along the way. Numerous outdoor activities are waiting for you, whether you want to take a boat tour around the coastline to experience icebergs and whales or to roam around the old Street or hike through the beaten paths. Country music, festive and cultural events are a must go to and don’t forget to bring your camera.

  • Collingwood, Canada

Collingwood located on the shores of Georgian Bay, not so far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it takes only 2.5 to reach there from Toronto. Hike through the deciduous forest in summer. Hit the beach to breathe some fresh sea air and take a swim. Collingwood has to offer some great downhill trails with lift facility, and it’s also known as Blue Mountain Resort. You will realize that Canada is bigger than you thought, there is much more to explore in so little time.

  • Canmore/Kananaskis

If you want to explore Canmore more in less time than biking is the best option for you. Find the best MBT info for the ultimate mountain trip. Visit and know about the Fat bike, Cross country bike, trail bike or any other mountain bike. You will find the complete information about the mountain bikes like the difference between BMX and Mountain Bike their features and the anatomy.

So, pedal up to the Rockies to see the most amazing view from the top that will take your breath away. Head to Fernie, catch a sunrise and explore as much as you can. An advance to the trip would be the alpine trails that will leave you to breathe less.

  • Albion Falls – Hamilton, Ontario

It is almost impossible not to visit the waterfall in summer; there are several places in Canada to find a waterfall and hike at the top on because the view from the top is always better. A waterfall looks fantastic located in the heart of Hamilton’s King’s Forest Park at the southern tip. Albion falls one of its kind; water falls from the staircase like a scene in a movie.

  • Rent A Cottage In North

Manitoulin Island to escape from big city chaos and for relaxing rent, a cottage near a beautiful big lake stay for a weekend or maybe even more than that to indulge in the sound of nature and see untouched scenery and set a bonfire near the lakeside and enjoy overwhelming peace

  • Shubenacadie River, Nova Scotia

Rafting is the sport you need to add to your list, if you have not tried it before then it is the best time to come out of a comfort zone and give it a try. Shubenacadie is one of the largest rivers in Nova Scotia before you get to the mouth of the river you will first see the muddy river and sandbars and The tides peregrinate inland at roughly 50 km per hour, and with a little fortuity on your side, you could be hitting sixteen-foot waves. As the boat crushing the waves, bouncing and move back and forth. That would give you an unforgettable experience.