Tips To Beat Flying Anxiety

Flying anxiety is real and it affects a large number of populations. Some individuals are never able to fly due to the anxiety they feel. For instance, Dr. Martin who is a Ph.D. was not able to fly until he was 30 years old. That also happened only when he started working on identifying his problem and dealing with it. If you start having a panic attack only by the thought of flying, you are not alone. There are more than 25 million Americans who have the same problem but don’t worry, with proper therapy and exercises you will be able to start flying in no time.

Tips To Beat Flying Anxiety
Tips To Beat Flying Anxiety

Find your phobia:

A person who has flying anxiety is not really scared of the whole concept of flying overall, the person is either scared from the turbulence or from the airplane noises or from the fact that it goes as high as 35000 feet in the sky. Some folks are claustrophobic while some are scared of the germs that can multiply in confined places like an airplane. So finding what scares you and causes the anxiety is the first step towards conquering your fears and getting rid of the flying anxiety.


Hypnotherapy is a new type of therapy that has been introduced to the market. The technique behind it is quite old but it was not actually used for the betterment of humans. Rather when we think of hypnotism, the old creepy characters from cartoons come in our mind who were associated with hypnotism.

Once you find your phobia in the first step, you can go to hypnotherapy as the next step. Basically, hypnotherapy deals with our subconscious mind that has all our fears, perceptions and stress stacked in it. These problems are dealt with by the hypnotist when you are going through the process.

The process is completely safe and is non-invasive as well. You don’t have to take medications or drugs to get rid of your fear of flying. There have been many cases in which people with flying anxiety or water phobia have been treated via hypnotism and they never faced the same issue again. From fears and phobias to weight loss to drug abuse, all problems can be investigated and fixed by consulting a good hypnotist.

Finding a hypnotherapy clinic in your area is fairly easy. Almost all the clinics are listed online, all you need to do is search for hypnotherapy near me and you will be able to find all the best clinics in your area.

Familiarize yourself with the environment:

If you are not interested in going to hypnotherapy, you can start home therapy on your own. Start familiarizing yourself with the environment. Look up plane videos on your personal computer. Get used to the plane voices and how it looks from the inside. The way things work in the plane, how high it goes. Look for turbulence reports and familiarize yourself with how turbulence works. Slowly and gradually when you get used to all this, start going to 3D and 4D motion rides. They have a similar interior and seating area. Keeping yourself calm in those 5 minutes rides can help you go further in therapy. Buy airplane kind of air fresheners and familiarize yourself with that.

Apart from doing all this, it is imperative that you also keep yourself calm. Try to keep a track of your thoughts and learn to control them, as the anxiety is fed with claustrophobic thoughts. If you learn to control your thoughts, you can control your anxiety as well. One of the ways to learn to control your thoughts is via meditation. It can help you in dealing with the anxiety you feel.