Four Amazing Facts About Students in Canada

Canada is one of the friendliest countries in the world. Not only is it highly safe for people who have been living there, but it is also equally welcoming the individuals who like to migrate or pursue higher studies there. The new laws in Canada make it easier for students from Asian and Middle East countries like New Zealand, Dubai, Kuwait and other regions to work and acquire citizenship and immigration in Canada.

An international student does not usually get permission to work; however, Canada has bent this law to accommodate international students. This law further helps them to settle down in the great white north and then migrate completely.

Once students finish their studies and paperwork, they can make their own home in Canada. Students can buy the perfect house or build their own house according to their requirements and live a comfortable life in their new house in Canada. If you would like to build your home, Aveling Homes can help you out in this matter. They can assist you to construct your dream house. Aveling Homes is a well reputed and award-winning organization, so you can easily rely on it.

Four Amazing Facts About Students in Canada

If you are planning to go to Canada for higher studies, you can keep in mind the following ways to earn extra cash legally. Ensure that you do not spend all your time studying or partying, make the best of your day by being useful and give some services back to the country you are studying in. These opportunities would broaden your horizons, likewise, give you a jump start to settling down in Canada. Furthermore, you will no longer be a stranger to the country and will be more comfortable.

  1. On Campus work:

Numerous students do not know this, but in Canada, international students can work up to 20 hours a week for the first six months of their stay without applying for a work visa. Students can even work on-campus jobs with the university, and these can, in turn, benefit the school as well as the student. Though not very highly paid, on-campus employment opportunities still set out a better future for the pupils.

  1. Off Campus work:

You can apply for a work visa after six months in Canada that will allow you to work off-campus or on-campus for 20 hours a week. You will also be authorized to work full time. However, the condition is that you should do your job in breaks, and it should not impact your school.

Moreover, with the new work visa, you can apply in different Canadian firms for internships and employment. Likewise, you can take a program that includes a co-op job placement, allowing international students to work in their fields as paid employees without breaking any laws providing international students with official Canadian work experience.

  1. Volunteering:

Permission is given to the students to volunteer at shelters or other places that benefit the community. Since employers consider volunteering as work experience in Canada, it can be beneficial for the students to look around and contribute to the society. They not only are helping others, but they would help themselves as well. They will additionally learn about different cultures and get to interact with people of various levels in life.

  1. Working after graduation

After completing the full program, they can acquire the work visa and work full time in the business of their desire. Before graduation, students are given training and guidance to help them learn how they can move forward to settle down in Canada. They are informed about everything from legal procedures, to how to behave in an interview. Students usually take time and start the paperwork before graduation, so they have the license to apply for a job fresh out of college.