Life Vests Soon To Be Mandatory In Canada

One of the biggest challenges of moving from one country to another is to get used to the different way of doing things.  Laws can differentiate a lot from country to country and even from state to state.  If you are busy with your immigration process then the last thing you want is a criminal record when you were ignorant about a certain law.  A criminal record tied to your name will without a doubt affect your ability to gain citizenship and could mean that you will have to go back to where you come from.  The best way to avoid a mess like this is by playing it safe by staying up to date on the latest laws and rules.  If you love kayaking, fishing, boating, sailing or any other watery sport in Canada then you should probably take note of the latest news on life vests.

Life Vests Soon To Be Mandatory In Canada

What is a life vest?

A life vest is also called a life jacket and can even be referred to as a personal flotation device (PFD).  A life vest is basically a vest that keeps you afloat in the water so you won’t sink or drown. Life vests were used as early as 1804 and were made of cork back then.  The modern life vest is much different, lighter and easier to use.  There are various different types of vests available for people of all shapes, sizes, and children and even for pets.  You can have a look at the best live vest on Lifevesthub.  This is a terrific site that can give you all the info you will ever need on life vests.

Life jackets are required by law

It is required by law to have a life jacket.  All boaters are required to have at least one life jacket or floatation device on board for each and every passenger or crew member that ventures onto the boat. At present the Canadian law doesn’t enforce boaters to wear these life jackets.  They should simply be on board of the boat and there should be enough life jackets for everyone.

Life vests are mandatory for some sports

All children should wear a life jacket at all times whenever they venture onto deep waters or a boat.  The Canadian law also requires that life jackets are to be worn for certain sports like water skiing, on jet skis and more.

Soon to be mandatory by all boaters

It is rumored that the law on life vests is soon to change.  Where boaters only had to have life vests on board they and all passengers might soon have to wear these vests at all times whenever venturing onto the waters.

Life vests are always a good idea

Even if you are free to venture onto a boat without a life vest it just isn’t a good idea.  Accidents happen fast and even the best swimmers can drown when panic alters their ability to think rationally or whenever they are too far from shore to make it out.  A good life vest is always a good idea to keep yourself and family members as safe as possible while you are having fun.