Must-Try Dishes in Kuwait

Do you know that authentic Kuwaiti food are just packed with flavor? It will be like a party in your mouth the moment that you get to try their special dishes. You cannot visit Kuwait without making an effort to try out their various dishes otherwise your visit will be incomplete.

There are some people who have been living in Kuwait for years for a job or for other purposes and yet they have never made an effort to try Kuwaiti food. This might be because of the abundance of other restaurants and food places that offer other dishes. These dishes may be more familiar to people so they would rather try those instead.

There are some people who live in Kuwait who have become confused with Lebanese and Turkish food. They feel that these dishes are also native to Kuwait when in fact, Kuwait have their own stellar dishes that can be checked out.

Must-Try Dishes in Kuwait
Must-Try Dishes in Kuwait

Take note that there are some Kuwaiti dishes that are made with all-natural and organic ingredients similar to how Thalipeeth is created but this dish is created in India. Organic food products are better for the body because you can be sure that they do not have unhealthy chemicals in them that may cause some diseases in the long run.

These are just some of the Kuwaiti dishes you should try to do now:

  1. Harees

This is a soup but before you think that this is one of those clear soups, you should know now that it is a thick soup that is made out of wheat and mashed meat. What makes this soup special is it comes with cinnamon sugar which is usually sprinkled on top. This is best eaten when you are going through one of those cold nights in Kuwait.

  1. Murabyan

This is a rice dish that is topped with a lot of shrimp. If you are a seafood lover, there is a big possibility that you will like this. The shrimp and the rice are flavored with various spices like turmeric, onions and loomi. If you are not familiar with what loomi is, this is a type of dried lime that has already turned black. The combination of flavors is something that you will remember and may crave for a long time.

  1. Machboos

This is Kuwait’s national dish for a good reason – it tastes so good. This can be made with fish, chicken or mutton, depending on your choice. The rice that will accompany this dish is made in the broth of your main ingredient. The meat is slow cooked so you will be given very tender meat. There are some versions of this that come with potatoes while some do not.

If you want a great Kuwaiti dessert, you can try Gers Ogaily. Other people may refer to this as a sponge cake but this actually has some elements that will make the taste better. The fluffy texture of this dessert will be perfect for your needs.