Winter Trip to Canada

Canadian winters are not ordinary winters like other countries of the world. They are much colder, intense and hard. Nonetheless, traveling to Canada in winters should not be avoided only because of the climatic conditions. Rather investing in the right gear, wearing the right fabric and learning the right safety skills makes it warmer and easy to travel to Canada. Layering is the art when you travel up the map in winters.

Winter Trip to Canada
Winter Trip to Canada

While packing up your suitcase for an exciting winter trip to Canada, you need to look at the important considerations given in this article:

  • Base Layers:

Base Layers are the first layer of clothes that we put on our bodies. It is highly important to invest in the right quality of the product. The base layer materials can be synthetic clothing, polyester, polyethylene, and micro-fiber based clothing material or merino wool. Some brands offer great varieties but at a high price. However, as it’s a long-term investment and more of necessity if you are traveling in winters to Canada, thus, you must opt these. Two or three moisture-wicking tops with full sleeves along with two or three pairs of merino wool leggings should be enough for a 15-30 days trip. These base Layers must be well fitted on your body so that they can provide you with warmth in the best manner.

  • Socks:

The best way to protect your feet in freezing cold temperatures is to cover them with heavy weight thermal socks. There should be enough room between your socks and shoes that a vacuum of warmth can be created so that you may easily walk in the snow. Buy woolen socks and wear only one layer. Feet need not be layered up a lot.

  • Boots:

Investing in good quality boots is an essential thing to do. Sorrel boots, ugg boots or any other long boots that fits your foot well can be used for this purpose. Nowadays, the markets are filled with fur-lined, leather, woolen boots of all kinds, sizes, and shapes.

  • Warm Clothes:

Woolen or fleece lined shirts, t-shirts or even hoodies can be packed as well to wear on top of your base Layers along with full sleeves insulated jackets. These jackets are really good at keeping the cold away from you. Snow pants, fleece-lined leggings, corduroy pants, thermal wear, fleece jackets should also be in your luggage and used as needed.

  • Accessories:

Must have accessories are woolen gloves, moisturizers, hand warmers, hand-knitted woolen gloves and beanie hats.

Remember, before getting off the plane wear your warm layers of clothes and get ready.

  • Essential Services:

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